3 Things To Become One Of The Top MLM Leaders

Top MLM LeadersDid you notice that everyone has a set point when it comes to income?

Your income tends to gravitate around that set point.

If you’ve been in MLM for some time and you were able to make $300 a month and you’ve not been able to make more, then it seems like that’s your set point. Your mind is programmed to make you earn just shy of $300 a month. You are stuck.

Just like a thermostat, you will always gravitate around that income and have tremendous difficulties breaking through it.

Why is that and what can you do to breakthrough?

First, let’s try to understand what’s going on…

I was talking with a guy who has a lot of energy on the phone. He seems very sharp. If he had told me he was a multi-millionaire, I would’ve believed him. But I later found out he’s been struggling his whole life trying to accomplish things but going nowhere. How comes?

My perception of him was very positive. But his reality was different.

He had the communication skills to be one of the top MLM leaders.

He could actually be everything he wants in life but he put himself in the way.

He is allowing himself to not use a few of the success habits. And that is preventing him from reaching the full potential he has within him. What else could it be?

He’s a human creature fully equipped to succeed. The most sophisticated creature on the planet. Yet he can’t do this?


He’s just messing around with his potential. This guy could raise his chin, look himself in the mirror and be the person he wants to be. It all starts with BEING.

People get it all wrong!

They think you have to have things (money) in order to do the things you want in life (travel, etc.) and once you are doing those things, you can be who you always wanted to be (proud, confident, successful…).

Have -> Do -> Be

That is the WRONG way to go.

You first need to BE the person you want to be. And when you are, you will DO the things necessary to HAVE what you want in life.

Be -> Do -> Have

Don’t focus on the HAVE (car, trips, house, money). Focus on BEING that ideal person and suddenly you will start to DO, and attract people, things, events, circumstances that will transform your life.

So you want to become one of the Top MLM Leaders?

How does that person talk, walk, act? Be that person. That’s your ideal you.

Be that person now!

And when you are that person, what does that person actually does each day to be one of the top MLM leaders?

How does that person react to challenges?

How does that person attack their day?

What are the daily success habits that this person follows?

Do that.

And when you do that, things will start to happen.

To break the cycle of failure. Be different.

Here’s a Google Hangout we did with a few members of our team on the “3 Things That Will Make You One Of The Top MLM Leaders”:

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