What If I Sponsor Someone And They Fail?

Fail sponsoringHere’s a question I received from one of my teammates. See if you can find the answer that will help you too.

QUESTION FROM THE FIELD: One thing I struggle with is the concern of sponsoring someone, or even taking on a weight loss customer, then they don’t have success.

So many people join network marketing and for various reasons they quit. So I feel guilty when they don’t succeed. I take full responsibility and if they quit or don’t succeed it’s my fault for getting them into this. And of course all the personal stuff that goes with that where some of them avoid me or blame me but don’t come out and say it.

MY ANSWER: I understand your concern and it shows you’re a good person. So this is not about you being bad. This is about looking at this situation from a different angle…

Right now you’re looking at the downside. If someone fails at it. But what if that person succeed instead? How will that make you feel?

The joy you’ll have when you see that person change their life will compensate for all of those that just tried and quit.

You can’t blame yourself for believing in that person.

How good is life without giving your best in case you might fail?

What would happen if you never went to college because most people quit?

How about never getting a job because most people lose their job?

How good of a parent would you be if you didn’t encourage your kids to do great things? To surpass themselves? In fear that they might fail?

The people we appreciate and remember the most very often are those who made us go the extra mile. Who cared enough about us, to believe more in us than we did ourselves.

Sometimes we tend to project our own experiences to what others will experience. What people do with the business or the product is totally irrelevent to what you do with it.

They may end up teaching you how to do it!

That’s the great thing about this business… you can get someone on your team who will do better than you do and you’ll be rewarded for having found that person.

So… yes mindset is your challenge area. Here’s my suggestion in this particular situation. I would read success stories. You will get your confidence that this business is for all kinds of people.

The mindset you need to adopt is “Who am I to prevent this person from changing their life?” and pleeeeeease, don’t blame yourself for believing in them!

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4 thoughts on “What If I Sponsor Someone And They Fail?”

  1. The glass is truly half full not half empty – Thanks for the perspective.
    The reward and satisfaction of helping one person truly does outweigh the failure of someone who just did not have a clear understanding or solid commitment to achieve their desired outcome.

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