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Who is Stephane Page

I grew up in a small village in Quebec. I started in business right out of school where I learned a great deal of life lessons.

After seeing my father work very hard for 15 years and then completely change the course of his life in a matter of a few short years, I knew I could use his knowledge to make things happen much quicker for me.

Sometimes it’s surprising to look back and see one simple action that changes one’s life. Mine happened when my father showed me a method he had used to create the form of leverage many of the most wealthy people on the planet used.

That night, he shared with me a simple idea… People who make a lot of money build assets or multiply their assets through the effort of others. At that time my father had developed a franchise network.

When I finally got the concept, I wanted to teach others how to create financial freedom for themselves. It became a passion of mine.

You see… if you are still reading, I assume that you are an action person…ready for a change…ready to live life to its fullest…ready to have more financial freedom and more time freedom.

Just like you, I was once searching for the perfect business to provide that freedom — and I found it. Now, my purpose is to genuinely help you achieve the freedom you are searching for by showing you the business that has worked for me.

I’ve learned that when a real “go-getter” wants to make a change in their life – they want it NOW! If you’re that kind of person – I’m available for you. Feel free to contact me anytime.

I invite you to learn more about me, and to utilize some of the educational resources available by following the action steps on this page. Then, decide if you want to find out more about my business.

If I could only share one thing with you about me it would be I genuinely love helping people. I believe there is only one business on Planet Earth – making someone’s life better. When you do that, you not only succeed in business but you also have personal satisfaction. Aside from that, I’m currently residing in the beautiful mountains of Canada where lakes and forests surround us. We share the joy of raising our three little girls. They are blessings to me and my wife as we watch them grow and discover new things together. We also enjoy hiking, rock climbing, biking and boating as much as we love all winter activities.

The best thing about having my own business is freedom to do whatever I want to do. I own other “mainstream” businesses and learned what it means to have employees, stress and paperwork. In this business, my focus is on one thing “making people’s lives better” – you’ll see đŸ™‚

For me, it all started when I was in school and looking for the perfect business to be in. I launched several businesses before I find the right one. Even though I’ve experienced success before, I was tied down to do the “job” every day. None of my employees would work as hard as I would and my success was totally dependant upon me. So one day I learned about a business that totally made sense to me and as they say, “The rest was history!” I look forward to working with you. Really.

Now, I’d like to invite you to click here and take the Test-Drive and experience by yourself what it’s like to live your own adventures.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Stephane…pretty shocked that I can’t reach you as says you disconnected your cell, which does NOT make sense. Why would one do that in MLM? Suppose you blocked me??! But why do that unless you wanted to choose another sponsor? And IF YOU KNEW ME BETTER, you’d NEVER do that! I don’t care if you do this as a biz…just want you and your family, friends to have the benefit of this technology so you’re renewing the body daily instead of only breaking it down with aerobic exercise and toxins daily.

    I’m the best mentor as far as info & training (my sponsor said she is amazed that I know more than most in ASEA (my child prodigy brain) and that’s because I’ve been researching and watching everything for 300 hours.

    You did ask me to call you today, Friday! Please call me asap 949.878.7100 and LW on VM if I’m unavailable for short time. Since I told you about ASEA and said no interest in anything else, I should have told you that I’m focused to do this as is part of my passion of Rejuvenation. Since being/doing my best has been a top priority in my life, my Secrets to Youth Program & Lifestyle is priority. Once I’ve healed though completely and have my ballerina body again, I’ll be able to look at other things.

    I love the fact that Ariix is putting Distributors in a place to make decisions! I saw Tim’s video and that is how I found you. Please give Tim my cell and ask him to call me too! Thanks!

    As you recall we spoke twice, once before Ariix Convention and once when you were at the races in Monte Carlo and asked me to call you today so you’d have time to look at the info that I sent to you. Let’s talk today! Pls call me as soon as you read this. Leave good days/times for today and the next 3 days to reach you. I leave whatever I’m doing within 15-30 minutes to call you back.

    May the blessings be, Stephane, for you and your family,

    Roxi Lamb
    Creator of Secrets to YOUTH
    Consultant to MD’s
    Cranio Sacral Specialist
    International Speaker, Facilitator, Consultant
    Therapist to ProAthletes (MN Vikings, etc.)
    Child Prodigy
    Bolshoi Ballet & Ballet Master
    Creator of Balletics & Aqua Balletics
    Creator & Facilitator of 1,000’s of Personal Unfolding Seminars
    Contributor to Rodale Press….etc…etc…etc.

    1. Hi Roxi. My phone works. I received calls today. You’re probably dialing my Skype number and when I was at the convention I couldn’t pick-up. Try me again… but know that I’m focused on Ariix. I’m not looking for any other company. Tim is the same.

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