Want to finally have your breakthrough in MLM?

Someone with MLM experience messaged me today on Facebook asking if I would help him to have his breakthrough in MLM.

He was telling me he felt my 16 years struggling in mlm story was his.

He’s been doing MLM for 15 years and struggled in creating freedom and asked for my help to have his breakthrough.

Here’s my message back to him:

Glad to see I’m not alone at this long MLM journey! LOL

I don’t do or charge for coaching as I’m in the field building my teams. I much prefer that over becoming a coach or trainer. The residual is too interesting 😀

I would like to tell you there’s a specific button to touch to have your breakthrough but each person is different. Once you get on the other side, it’s easy to point at it and know what made it for you.

For me, it was mainly two things…

One, I had decided my story had to have struggles. I read stories in books from successful people and their story was inspiring so I was looking forward to an inspiring one too.

I didn’t realize it at first or while on the journey but years later my wife told me she knew why things had been so tough and long. I couldn’t believe she knew!!

When she asked me if I remembered coming back at home each night and complaining it was too easy. Everything I wanted, I manifested and created it. She would tell me I should just accept and be grateful but I kept complaining until the day everything fell apart. And it lasted 16 years!

And the other thing was that I had lost my confidence along the way. Thats’ why I reached out to Tim. I wanted to put my confidence in someone and just do what he would tell me to do, which at the time was study and do Professional Inviter. Since I had lost my confidence in me, everything I did, like prospecting strangers with a pre-approach packet, Private Business Receptions, websites, funnels, all those things I would do but not 100%. I would do them but always questioning whether I was doing it right or if there was something I should know the trainers would not tell me.

But I had 100% confidence in Tim. So I didn’t question anything and just went to work.

After I became really good at inviting, I complained I couldn’t sponsor anyone. He told me I had to improve my presentation (closing) skills.

Then I would sponsor people but they wouldn’t do anything. I had to improve on training my people.

You see the pattern here I’m sure… The Pipeline.

That was before ARIIX.

When I joined ARIIX, I already had the skills. So I ran with it. It was my chance to build something huge! And I did.

Now I have the most diverse team in the company. I built in more countries than any other reps In ARIIX that I’m aware of. I opened South Korea for ARIIX. I opened Indonesia. I found leaders. I developed leaders. I brought one of the big acquisitions to ARIIX. And I own stock in ARIIX.

Tim Sales and Stephane Page with ARIIX Korea team in Hong Kong
Tim and I in the bus training my Korean team during their incentive trip in Hong Kong

A few years into ARIIX, that’s when my wife told me about my attitude towards the easy path I had at the beginning of my career. And when I realized what I had done to sabotage my success, I said “Watch out, I’m back!”

My confidence was back. My attitude was right. My skills were fine tuned and it was just a matter of investing myself into ARIIX with certainty. That’s when I had my breakthrough in MLM.

A few last words…

Tim saw that I was making a few mistakes when he listened to my prospecting calls audios. He didn’t tell me. He didn’t want to crush my confidence because he knew these mistakes were small. If I continued practicing, I would get the edge. I would polish my conversations. If I did the numbers, I would sponsor people.

I believe you are very close to have your breakthrough in MLM.

You can find leads, invite, present, recruit and train. You need to master the last level which is creating independent leaders that grow without you.

Now you’re aware of it… soon, you’ll start to see it happening. Because it’s in your mind and your mind is looking for the solution. You’ll enrol people and think differently. You’ll train people with a different mindset.

The changes are subtle but they will compound.

I’m around. Hit me back. Keep me posted.

So… there you have it. If you’re looking for your breakthrough in MLM, you may be closer than you think and sometimes all it takes is someone holding your hand for a little while 🙂

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