16 Years Struggling In MLM Part Time To Top Of The Compensation Plan

After 16 years of failure in MLM, I began to feel that I was just another useless dreamer… a “loser”

Everything I had learned about positive thinking didn’t work for me.

I paid a small fortune and ran up credit card debts buying all those “guaranteed” courses and tactics put out by supposed “Gurus”…

Even my wife was now doubting that I was ever going to succeed in Network Marketing.

The constant frustration of all those looooooong nights prospecting, running ads, buying leads, calling people, posting on social media and watching my organization increase by 1 or 2 every 6 months!

(- Aaaaah I could scream… or cry) I always seemed to be doing what the heavy hitters were doing but never getting the results they were getting.

I’d set out… to travel the world, to feel proud of myself, to leave a legacy for my family and to prove to others what’s possible (especially the naysayers lol) 

And instead, here I was spending more money than I was making pretending I was building my business.

Then it happened…

For a couple years, I’d had a phone number for a guy that I call “the legend”…

In the Network Marketing space, he was the Guru to the Guru’s, living on a mountain of residual for the last 18 years, companies consulted him when they were in trouble and he defended the legitimacy of our industry in other countries.

I needed help, so I picked up the phone, palms sweating and made the dial… I didn’t even know if he’d remember me.

That day, became the first day of the rest of my life…

On that phone call, Mr. Legend, told me I was making things way harder than they needed to be.

What he showed me next were the 3 core elements you find in ANY fast-growing organization.

The first element was a daily routine way different than what I’d been taught by every other upline I had in my 16 years of business…

What’s crazy is… when you use it, you can identify where the problems are in your business and fix them.

The second element happened when I made 1 simple change in how I communicated with prospects and created huge curiosity and turned 96% of the prospects I talked to into excited people who can’t wait to see my presentation.

And the third element he showed me was a simple on-boarding technique that created massive duplication fast.

All 3 of those are crucial if you want to find more prospects than you can handle, recruit on-demand and duplicate fast without annoying anyone…

Fast forward a few years… and I’ve reached the top of our compensation plan, become the #1 in all of USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia in our company, opened South Korea and Indonesia and built a huge team in Europe. I finally feel that I became someone.

We travel 10 times a year, we visited some really cool places with the kids.

But the best part is… I help more people rank advance in a week than I have in my first 16 years in the business!

I’ve had so many people from outside our team ask us how we do it… that one morning it hit me.

I have a blueprint that could help ANY network marketer from ANY company become top earners…

And I’m hoarding it to just me and my team…

I got in this business to help people… and most people who could use it don’t even know it exists…

So I decided that it’s time to share.

So I created what I call my 7-Day Duplication Immersion.

And we’re opening it for free to anybody in any company and it’s 100% free.

Hit me in Messenger here, say I’M IN, and I’ll tell you when I open the door.

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