How To Sell Nutritional Products Easily

A lot of people have asked me how do I present complicated scientific information about how to sell nutritional products to my prospects.

The answer is I don’t… Most of the time.

Let me explain…

If your product provides a solution to a particular problem, it’s easy to tell the story of that product and tell them it’s helping a lot of people with “energy” for example.

But when your product influence how you age for example, this is hard to understand. And what’s hard to understand is also hard to believe.

Have you ever heard the saying “People tend to criticize and ridicule what they don’t understand”?

Well, if that’s the problem you have with your product, you need to bring clarification.

You see… people go through different phases before they make a decision. They go from AWARENESS to EDUCATION to RESPONSIBILITY.

If people are not first aware that a problem or a solution exist, they are not interested in getting information (education) on it. That’s why I see a lot of network marketers throw up on their prospects. They skip the awareness stage.

You only provide education when the prospect is open.

That’s how to sell nutritional products easily.

And the more education they have on a particular subject, the more responsibilities they are taking.

This, I would say, is the main reason I sell the biggest ticket item in my company all the time. We have less expensive products, but my presentation follows these three simple steps and my customer is the one choosing the most beneficial and expensive product. And they stay on it!

Now… there are situations where my product provides a simple benefit. Like for example, a brand new product that gives people the energy they had when they were young without any stimulant. This product influence how your genes express themselves and it reproduces the pattern of a youthful heart, brain and muscles. This is major science.

But I don’t need to go as far as that to sell my product. Just the simple fact that they will get more energy is enough.

Here is what I would say about this product:

“You know how people complain all the time about being tired and exhausted and they have problems going through their day without any stimulant like caffeine or energy drinks. Well, leading scientists just released a product called “_______” which has the ability to reset the genes that are responsible for our physical stamina, our mental clarity and our sexual vitality. And the results are simply stunning. In about two weeks, people go through their day with energy like they had when they were young.”

I don’t need to explain the scientific data behind it. But what I do is once I have a customer on the product, I educate my customer to validate with the facts that what they are using is solid science. And it goes way beyond the energy benefits. It resets the genes of the heart, brain and muscles to a youthful state. But that information comes later.

If that product would not give people the energy they had when they were young, I would simply educate them right on the spot about all the other benefits the product provides.

Below is an example of what I would give to my contacts to further explain the impact of the product on their health that my company provides. Note that this is third party validation.

The following video has been posted in NOVA scienceNOW in 07.01.07 by Rima Chaddha.

In this audio slide show, Dr. Dana Dolinoy of Duke University explains the role that the epigenome, a sort of second genome, plays in regulating the expression of our genes. As Dolinoy notes, we can no longer say with certainty whether genetics or the environment have a greater impact on our health, because the two are inextricably linked through the epigenome.

epigenetic mice

Click here to watch

In this audio slide show, hear how the epigenome can make identical-twin mice appear so different.

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