How to Personalize Your Facebook URL

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Get your own vanity facebook URL before it’s too late!

For the same reason computer generated email adddresses never worked that great (think of the old address format in the early nineties), facebook is now allowing its members to register their own Facebook URL name.

I was too late to secure my own name, but I managed to secure– which is at least consistent with my own personal branding.

Brands looking to get their own personalized facebook URL (so that they can finally promote how to find them on Facebook) need to have at least 1000 fans first on their fan pages.  Don’t worry if you don’t have 1,000 yet – your trademarked name will be protected if you want it later when you finally reach the target.

If you’ve been one of those who asked me “How can I have my personalized Facebook URL?” I created a video to show you how. People often ask if this exists, and if they can just create one that will go like: “ (enter name here). I have even seen some people give up trying to locate the illusive Facebook URL altogether by posting a link to the Facebook homepage as their own and tell their visitors “Search:____ (Enter name here). (I applaud those people for being creative, but I sure hope they read this post.)

Customizing Your Facebook URL

An application surfaced a while ago that enables you to create a customized Facebook URL, as well as give your groups and fan pages personalized links. Considering how important customization is in personal branding, I thought I would record a quick tutorial on how to add and use this application to give yourself a clean, name branded Facebook URL.

Click here to get your own personalized Facebook URL:

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