How Hard Can It Be To Become A Top Income Earner

Top Income EarnerWhy is it that some people seem to have it easy?

“You dream of becoming a top income earner and you get frustrated when you see new people climb the ranks faster than you do. What’s going on? Is it you or is it just something the top leaders are not telling you? Some kind of a secret formula?”

I mean, you go to a convention and you hear this lady on stage sharing her story, and it goes like this:

I was a stay-at-home mom, a friend of mine told me about these products, I got excited and told a few other moms and within three months I earned a car with the company, I won a trip to Hawaii and now my husband is looking to quit his job and join me full time!


You’ve been in it for 2 years and haven’t made a dime profit yet!

You suddenly feel crapy or you think she’s not telling you everything or you think she knows some kind of a trick that she’s not telling you.

Maybe something like my daughter folding a shirt in 3 seconds:

So what do Top Income Earners have that you don’t?

In my 20-year career as a Network Marketer, I can tell you that there are two primary things I’ve seen need to be in place in order to create top income earners by the hundreds…

1) You are in a company at the right time. Look at the majority of top income earners in a company and you will find that there were a couple years where fortunes were created. It typically was at the start of the company’s $50 million a year mark. Does that mean you can no longer make any money in it? No. It’s just that you have to work harder and longer to produce the same results.

2) The company had a system in place that launched their vertical growth. If you’ve been in Network Marketing for two decades like I have, you may remember the cassette tape “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”. That tape helped create hundreds of millionaires in the company that was using it at the time. People would mail out the tape by hundreds of copies and people would call and join their income earner

3) The company had a product that was revolutionizing for consumers or through the industry of Network Marketing. Ideally, a health product or skin care product as they have proven to be the most sustainable products for long term success in Network Marketing.

Excel Communication was one of the fastest MLM companies reaching over a billion dollars in sales. It was an innovative product in MLM but also a great offer to consumers who saved money on their long distance bill. All was great until this deregulation created lots of competitors and shrinked the margins. Excel stopped their network marketing program, kept all the customers and stopped paying commissions. Everyone, including all top income earners lost their business.

Those types of service based companies don’t survive.

4) You learn the skills of professional networkers. In Network Marketing, you need to know a) how to get prospects, b) how to invite prospects to review information, c) how to present so that they want to join, d) how to train in order to get them to start recruiting others fast.

This 4th item will help you ride the wave, when momentum kicks in. You can actually create your own momentum because you are a master of your trade and you know how to train others.

These are 4 of the main reasons you see companies go into momentum. It’s an opportunity for you to become a top income earner. But it’s very hard to predict.

I recently created a recruiting system that handles the toughest objection in Network Marketing “I can’t do it”. If your prospect could see that they could have success in your business, they would join. They would find the time and they would find the money. That’s the reason if you want to become a top income earner fast, use a system like the one I created:

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