Ex-Elite Warrior – What The Special Forces Taught Him… besides motivation

Ex-Elite Warrior uses his special forces training to recruit an army of 56,000 people and then retire for 17 years, travel the world first class and live the lifestyle of a millionaire.


I was sitting on the deck of the Royal Caribbean cruise for the Elite Retreat in our company with my ex-Elite Warrior buddy when I remembered the first time he dropped the bomb on me.

“MLM Training Sucks”

He was referring to his frustration in the early days of his MLM career. The leaders in his company would put up events where the “secret” was finally going to be revealed. He’d be sitting on the edge of his seat paying close attention until the very end of the event.

But guess what… no secret.

After he finally figured it out by himself and made millions, he spent years as a generic trainer for the MLM industry and continued to see the same type of non-sense training being taught.

Tim became a member of “The Navy Explosives **Ordinance specialist team over 20 years ago. He learned the most valuable lessons while serving in the Navy.

His Judo teacher taught him the power of focus.

He learned to practice the double leg take down until he mastered it, and then more.

When he was tired of that move or his knee hurt, he was told to continue.

He kept doing it and doing it.

He got to the point that during competition, other trainers would yell their students “watch out for the double leg take down, that’s all he knows”.

Even prepared, the opponent would still be taken down to the mat.

Tim had mastered every angle to execute the double leg take down.

In the Navy, they taught him to master the fundamentals.

It’s been said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to develop mastery.

Tim Sales has been known throughout the industry for the past two decades for training the trainers.

Being close to Tim for almost a decade now, I know how he trains.

We don’t train our teammates, we build leaders.

We transform them into champions.

The three main areas of “MLM special forces” training are:

1) Mindset (sometimes known as motivation)

2) Promotion

3) Communication

Whatever you do in your business relies on conviction. Without conviction, you hesitate, doubt, do things half way.

As Master Yoda said in Star Wars:

MLM Interview Tim Sales

That’s the power from within.

You need to have that strength to continue through the journey. To do the things that actually get you the results in your Network Marketing business.

Being clear on what to do and how to do it with conviction determines, as Tim would say, whether you float through life like a jellyfish (which has no ability to propel itself) totally dependent on the currents of the water…or YOU DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT — and get it. Then decide on another thing you want and get that. And decide on another thing you want… and get that too.

When a trainer doesn’t know what to do to produce consistent results or how to train that which produces consistent results, often trainers use inspiration or motivation instead of training.

That part is only AREA 1 of creating leaders.

It’s important because everything else doesn’t matter if you don’t have conviction. Without conviction, you are paralyzed.

But the problem I found over the years is most “gurus” rely solely on “MOTIVATION” training.

The other two areas are where people become efficient. And those areas are very often neglected in training new members.

This is where you learn what to do and how to do it.

It’s one thing to be positive, have a clear vision, be motivated. It’s another one to do something that produces results.

You can only go so far with motivation. But you can make your dreams a reality when you are good at what you do.

I’ve seen people become extremely successful because their promotion generated them so many leads that the law of averages played in their favor (“MLM special forces” training area #2: Promotion).

They have 10-20-50 or more leads a day coming through their funnel.

They became masters at generating leads. And they don’t need much motivation.

Others are such great communicators (“MLM special forces” training area #3: Communication) that they can influence anyone they talk to.

They don’t need 20 leads a day. They just need a few people to talk to and watch out… their prospects get so excited you have to scratch them off the ceiling.

I believe in creating leaders that are complete network marketers.

They have enough leads from their promotion activities that there’s no place for scarcity. They have an abundance of prospects and pick the people they want to work with the most.

They have charisma. People are attracted to them because they know what they’re talking about and they express themselves so well. They motivate people at will.

To achieve the “master” status in Network Marketing, you should focus on creating leaders by instilling in them the right mindset, teach them various techniques to promote their business and products and drill with them on how to communicate with their prospects.

Teaching on the compensation plan doesn’t build leaders.

There are times when motivation will be valuable to you.

For example, you’ve been working a really good prospect and they finally tell you “no”. Or someone on your team that you thought would be a big leader does nothing.

In those particular moments, motivation can help. Simply hearing the success stories of people who faced adversity will put you back on track. You muster up a little more courage to go for that next step! So motivation in those moments is valuable to you. From now on you should understand when it is appropriate and why.

I found that as you begin to master the business and understand what to do and how to do it, your motivation rises. You become more confident. Your confidence fuels your action and your successful actions fuel your confidence.

But it has to start somewhere.

I suggest you focus on developing the skills that will make you a very effective Network Marketer. Get your people started on a training that teaches them the basics to create results.

Motivation comes naturally when you do something and it works, so go here and watch the video Tim Sales created for our team that explains how we “Get them Started”


*”The Navy Explosives **Ordinance specialist is the individual in the military that is trained to encounter any explosive or munitions type situation. Navy EOD personnel are considered to be the worlds foremost battle hardened combat premier anti terrorist force in dealing with explosives, IED devices, and even weapons of mass destruction. They work with all different types of weapons, and are an elite warrior team. They operate as part of Special Operations SEAL teams qualified to operate in any environment in any location around the world.” Read the complete US Military article explaining what the EOD is and its relationship to Navy Seals with this link:  http://www.usmilitary.com/2813/navy-eod-explosives-ordinance-specialist/.

*This information is provided because an earlier version of this biography (not written by Tim Sales but by me) erroneously referenced Tim as a Navy Seal.  This has been corrected. **This is an exact quote from the usmilitary.com website, thus the word Ordinance is a typo on their site, it is actually Ordnance.

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