What Everybody Ought To Know… About The Leadership Qualities They Need, To Become The Best Upline Ever

Leadership QualitiesThe more success you have the easier it gets.

And that’s because of three things…

1) You are better. You no longer “chase” people

2) People are attracted to you because of your success.

3) You have access to advanced training that develop your leadership qualities even more.

For many years I heard the phrase “Leaders are readers”. And I read. The more I read the more confidence I gained. The more confidence, the more actions. The more actions, the more results.

It took me several years before I figure out how to do this business properly. I’m not going to blame my lack of success on my upline but today I realize the importance of having good upline support.

I didn’t wait for my upline to put me on the right path, I actually reached out and found my own mentors. And when I finally found someone with real leadership qualities (and I define below what leadership qualities are necessary) my income doubled, quadrupled and multiplied many folds.

I’m going to let you listen in to an excerpt of a Leadership call we’ve had last month in my company. This is a group you get access to when you reach a certain leadership rank. During this call Tim Sales (master distributor in our company), talks about leadership qualities and what you should be doing with your team as a leader.[audio:https://www.stephanepage.com/wp-content/uploads/Tim-Sales-Leadership-Coaching-Call-with-Stephane-Follow-Through.mp3]

How do you define a leader in Network Marketing?

A leader is one who has leadership qualities to get his or her group to do successful actions.

Whatever you are trying to accomplish or lead a team to do, then you draw up successful actions that need to be done to accomplish the aim of the group.

Too often I see “gurus” in this industry lead very large organizations but they never stop working. They are good recruiters, meaning they replace those who drop in an instant but they can never retire. They are superstars.

Or as the saying goes “Throw them against the wall and see who sticks”.

The place for those leaders is in direct response marketing or affiliate programs. They can create an info product and sell the crap out of it like no one.

But when it comes to duplication, they are like ghosts. They’re fast to sponsor you but very hard to reach thereafter. And even if you reach them, they rarely can help you. Their motto is “go to events and talk to more people.”

Develop your leadership qualities in 4 areas:

1) Finding Prospects

The first thing I teach my team is to get 5-10 leads a day quickly. Whether they come from people they know or ads they’re running, when you get 10 new people a day reviewing information and you have to follow-up with them a few days later, within 5-10 days you’re SO busy, you have so much going on, so many calls scheduled that you barely can keep track of it all and it changes your whole mentality from one of scarcity, when it comes to leads, to one of abundance and prosperity.

I don’t have much space and time to cover all the points in this article but if you want to read the rest, I invite you to read my free 3-pages PDF Report called “All You Will Ever Need To Do To Become The Best Upline Ever”

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