How To Use Facebook GRAPH SEARCH For Recruiting

The “new” 3-foot rule

Over a billion people are within 3 feet of your computer screen.

Word-of-mouth advertising has been the favorite method of prospecting in MLM. There is simply no better source of prospects than your own network. Big leaders also understand that once you harvested through your personal network, you have to step outside your network. Imagine if you could reach the best prospects within your network and also move beyond your closest friends and family to harness your entire Facebook network for potential business partners or customers. Well, now you can.

facebook graph search for recruitingFacebook launched their new graph search earlier this year. I’ve been using it since in Beta Test to help me recruit new people into my MLM business.

The Facebook Graph Search gets the information Facebook users provided on their profile, and allows you to search by interest, location and more. You can do hyper-targeted searches – “friends of my friends who like snowboarding and go to movie theaters”.

Today I’m going to get down to the details to learn how Facebook Graph Search works for recruiting. I prepared a video tutorial for my community to help you understand the possibilities of the Facebook Graph Search for recruiting.

Topics include:

  • Why use it
  • How it works
  • Filtering
  • Search tips
  • Icebreakers with potential prospects

3 Ways to use Facebook Graph Search for Recruiting

1. People you know

Facebook’s Graph Search allows you to search by people and by interest, meaning who you “friend” and what you “like” defines you — and your network. For companies and organizations, this means the “like” button becomes a top tool for reaching prospects. You’ll need to connect with the people, companies and industry groups you aspire to network with — not just your college friends and long-lost relatives. Audit your network to make sure your industry colleagues and influencers are represented among your “friends.”

2. Perfect Match

Another great asset of the Facebook Graph Search for recruiting is its ability to find prospects whose “personalities” align. You can search users’ broader interests, photos, people and places to find a prospect that share similar interests and values.

The key is to be authentic! Fill your profile to include as many indicators of your values as possible. Ask yourself what news you can share, what causes you support, and what content you can leverage to showcase your company culture and the types of people who succeed there.

3. Narrow Searches

One of the best things about Facebook Graph Search is its ability to help you connect with the perfect prospect. Facebook Graph Search uses long-tail searches, which basically means that the more detail your search includes, the better your results will be. Searches can be custom made to include very specific criterias — in limitless combinations — meaning that perfect prospect should be easily found by this platform.

Recruiting is all about people. With the new Facebook Graph Search – aka “people search” – finding your ideal prospect just got much more insightful, interesting, and targeted.

You can easily access data from people, photos, places and interests.

Facebook Graph Search for Recruiting TIPS:

  1. People you message are going to look at your profile. Optimize your profile by posting positive content that reflects your values and interests.
  2. Make a list of relevant keywords for your diversity targets to find the right match.
  3. Go beyond your network. 92% of users are connected by only 4 degrees. Search outside your network by selecting “not my friends” under “refine search.”
  4. Build towards events. If there is a local event happening, target people in that area. The company is opening a new market? Recruit remotely. Filter searches to find people related to your target country.
  5. Join new groups. More than 380 million people use Facebook Groups. Join groups and use them as a way to reach candidates.
  6. Make friends, create and share content relevant to your target audience. Remember “people do business with people they know, like and trust”.

For years I worked hard to build my business and the day I started to get leads daily, the whole game changed. I became a leader in my company in less than 2 months. One day I’m a nobody and the next one I’m recognized on stage.

If you are tired of the old prospecting methods you’ve been taught that don’t work for you, get in touch with me and let’s explore how you can work differently. Networkers who struggle are not lazy. Most often they work harder than the big leaders. Get in touch with me and I will show you what we do with our team, just like this Facebook Graph Search for Recruiting, we have more tools in our toolbox to share with you.

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