MLM Recruiting Tip: The Key To Recruit 4 New Reps In 7 Days

Marketers will try to make you think there’s a secret to recruit 4 new reps in 7 days or whatever number they throw at you.

A few years ago I would buy every program that guaranteed me loads of recruits for easy work.

Not that I was lazy. But I seemed to work so hard while others recruited at will. there must have been a better way I thought.

I always wondered what the secret was.

I wanted to have success in my MLM recruiting efforts but nothing seemed to really work.

It took me a few years and then I figured it out.

MLM Recruiting
On stage receiving the Elite Award for one of the top 10 recruiters in my company.

It’s amazing how you can start to recruit people into your business so easily when you master a few simple skills and discover the real secret.

MLM Recruiting Systems

Gurus tell you they have a magic MLM Recruiting System or use some hypnotic mlm recruiting scripts.

The reality is any system or any script works.

The key is to understand your metrics.

Once you do, you can always tweak and test various approaches to increase your mlm recruiting results.

How many people do you have to reach and take through your process before someone joins.

The Secret To MLM Recruiting

If there’s any secret to MLM recruiting, this is it.

Know your numbers.

The minority of people make any money in their mlm business. The minority also know how many people they have to present to in order to recruit someone.

A few years ago I started to buy business opportunity leads and recruited 4.6% of the leads I bought.

I then placed free classified ads and recruited 5% of the leads generated.

I became more and more involved with online marketing and generated leads through Google ads, Facebook ads, blogging, etc. My conversion ratio stayed around 5%.

This has been my benchmark since the beginning.

If I could take prospects through a process that would increase conversion, then that would become the new standard.

That’s also the reason I tested out many different prospecting approaches. I wanted to see if I would have a better conversion. Well, here’s what I found…

Although I got approximately the same conversion ratio, the efforts it takes to sponsor someone from one source to the next varies greatly.

I would have to handle more objections with Business opportunity leads than I would with my free classified ads. The first group was more resistant to mlm recruiting. They were more interested into data entry type of work.

Each prospecting source is a little bit different but typically, you will find your mlm recruiting efforts will yield approximately the same results.

In this video I talk about what you should measure.

Start to track your mlm recruiting activities and you will soon see a pattern.

If you liked this post, share it with others and leave a comment below. I learned a few skills to reach the top mlm recruiting board in my company and you can learn it too right here.

Stephane Page

P.S.: I created a little excel document that allows me to track my prospects and conversion. You can download it on video #3 of my “How To Recruit At Least 5+ People A Month”. This teaches you the fundamentals to reach MLM recruiting mastery.

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