The "Duplicatable System" Lie


First off, why should you listen to your upline?

If what they’re doing to prospect works and it works for you too, then do it.

But don’t buy into the idea that you absolutely HAVE to follow their method because it has to be "duplicatable".

The entire business revolves around two activities :

  1. Traffic – you want to have as many people as possible to talk to and expose your message to. Wether it’s to expose your products or your business opportunity.
  2. Conversion – you have to improve your ability to recruit customers and business builders. Develop your skills to convert a prospect into an interested buyer.

Some people call these two things, marketing and communication. Others say it’s working the numbers and showing the plan.

Whatever method you use, warm market, advertising in newspapers, buying leads, generating your own leads online, etc. you need to improve on those two main activities.

If you improve your ability to generate leads (traffic or marketing) and you improve your closing (conversion or communication), you posess the ability to make fortunes.

Most training offered by top MLM companies and leaders focus on "the system". What they call the system is the tools they use and the steps they take when prospecting.

Where they fail is to teach you the fundamentals behind those tools. Your skills in communicating with your prospect can make a huge difference between sponsoring 1 out of 3 people you talk to or 1 out of 15.

Leaders go crazy when they don’t understand why you are not getting the same results they are getting with the same tools. Their common answer is "talk to more people". Or even worst, "be positive".

The fact of the matter is, talking to more people or reading a positive book will only get you more frustrated.

Soo or later, you’ll need to get effective at what you do.

Improve your marketing and communication skills and any method will work for you.

Stop focusing on the system. Using this specific DVD, sending out that brochure, promoting this website are not skills you learn. They are components of the system.

Of course you want to know what steps to take with each prospect but how you use the tools is the key if you want to play in the big leagues.

Look at the heavy hitters in your company and tell me if they are duplicatable. Most have years of marketing or communication skills.

They are charismatic, they are great communicators, they have developed methods to generate tons of leads or they have a huge network of contacts.

In conclusion, systems are great but they are not going to make you successful unless they help you develop your skills.

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  1. Your blog is very nice. I’m really impressed and expecting the best for your next post. I hope I will get it this week. Really value this article in particular. It’s tough to sort the very good from the not good sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! Do you accept guest posts? I would love to write a one or two articles here.

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