The Magic Sequence Of Words To Get Pre-Sold MLM Distributors

Have you ever wondered why some people sponsor 8 out of 10 people they talk to while others can’t find a single prospect interested in their offer?

One of the most important skills to master in this business is how to communicate in a way that gets your prospect to immediately want to join your company or buy your product.

Communication happens in different formats. It can be person-to-person, through a video, through a salesletter. But the structure of your presentation is always the same if your goal is to get an excited prospect anxious to buy from you.

Let’s talk about your salescopy here but keep in mind, the format is the same for a video, an audio or a one-on-one presentation.

Your salescopy is your hard working sales person. Without it, you’re not gonna get very far.

It’s very frustrating because I find people who spend more time on their website design, or on driving traffic and they neglect their salescopy because it’s not as fun.

In fact my whole day today is going to be spent on writing a sales letter, and it takes time.

My first draft is not going to be perfect, and it doesn’t HAVE to be. I just need to get it up there and then I’ll start refining it as I get traffic and see the results, I’ll continue to test and tweak, test and tweak, test and tweak.

The bottom line is, you have to put the time into your sales copy because it’s not the images that sell, it’s not your traffic campaign that sells, it’s the salescopy that sells. And if you neglect that, you’re not gonna be successful.

So… I’m gonna walk you through the key components that I need to create in my salescopy, and then after that, I’m going to spend a bunch of time working on my salescopy and then I’m gonna show you what I created.

But I want to show you first of all, all the parts I have to create in my salesletter right away.

So let’s turn our attention to writing.

The first thing to do is to take all the key elements of a salesletter and break them down into three main sections, your beginning section, your middle section and your closing section.

And then you break those sections down into specific tasks.

The reason this so valuable for me as I’m writing salescopy is because if I have to start with a blank page and I gotta write a two, three or five page salesletter from scratch, that can be very frustrating and very time consuming, especially if you haven’t done it before.

But by breaking it down and saying « ok, I need to write a paragraph here about this, this and this », that’s easy for me to do.

And then, after I go through each one of these sections and tie it all together, it’s far less painful than writing it yourself.

So here’s an overview of the structure I use…

First of all, I need to write a attention grabber headline .

Headlines should state your top benefit.

After your first draft, you want to come back and spend some time on it because your headline is your most important element in your webpage because if it’s not good, nobody’s gonna read the rest of your salesletter.

So… make sure you put the time and effort in your headline.

Next is your sub-headline .

What’s the key message you want to put in it?

Your secondary, maybe third most powerful benefit that you want to communicate to your audience needs to be in your sub-headline.

Then you need your salutation . It’s always good to put « From so and so », it adds a personal touch to the salesletter.

You can put the date and the « Dear fellow struggling Network Marketer »

Then you’re gonna jump into the middle section of the salesletter.

First thing of a salescopy is we have to establish the problem .

This is where you connect with them. You talk about the problem they’re having.

Once we’ve established the problem, we then need to build credibility .

You want to position yourself as someone who knows what they’re talking about. Why should people listen to you?

Next thing you want to do is to write some testimonials .

How do you get testimonials?

You can get friends you’ve helped with their specific issues. You can ask them to write a testimonial about them and how you’ve helped them.

Testimonials will help further establish your credibility.

The next task is to write a story .

You want to talk about how you got into this.

Why did you start this website or this project?

I was frustrated, I hated spending a ton of money, my business was not growing as fast as I wanted.

Your story will build more rapport with people and really relate to them through this story that you’re telling. You want to identify with the reader.

At this point you want to say « I know how you feel »

People want to know you’re just like them. People love to listen to stories. They find it much more interesting than just sell, sell, sell.

You’ve all heard the saying « Facts tell, stories sell »

Once I’ve got their attention, I’ve built the credibility, I’ve built the rapport, now I want to go into the solution that I have.

Give them a bit of the sales pitch.

You’re going to introduce the product .

You’re going to talk about all the benefits, all the features and give an overview. You’re not gonna go into all the details but you’ll talk about why it’s so powerful.

Once you’ve gone through that high level overview, you’re then gonna take the next step and go into the finite benefits.

This is where you really want to address the key things that they’re looking for.

You want to have bullets that speak specific to each individual key points.

An easy way to do this is make a list of your features and write a benefit associated with each one of those and turn that into a bulletted list.

Once it’s done, we need now to close .

This is where we transition from the solution to buying the actual product . We tell them the price, we build the value with different bonuses added to the offer.

Before we ask for the order, we need to put a guarantee up .

It can be a guarantee where you can try before you buy or a 90 days guarantee or your money back.

The guarantee is there to take away all the risk where they have nothing to lose.

Finally, once you’ve overcome their objections, you’ve gone into the close, you want to ask for the order . We call the prospect to action.

Go here, click here, do this. If you’re collecting leads you want to fill out a form. If you want them to buy something you want them to go to the order form and place their order.

At the end you’ve got your signature .

All the best, to your success, sincerely. There’s different things you can say here.

If you want you can even put your picture there to make it far more personal and finally your P.S.

Every salesletter needs to end with a P.S. so that when people scan your salesletter they get to the bottom, it restates the benefit and it sends them right back to the top. It basically wraps everything up.

So that is the work you have to do to get your salesletter sell for you 24 hours a day.

For someone who has never done internet marketing before, it’s so much easier to have those bite sized pieces to put in place.

In online world, it’s not possible for you to personally talk to all the people who visit your website and convince them to buy from you.

So, your salescopy is your online salesperson that is going to convert your visitors into paying customers for you. Or at least, it’s going to build so much value that when you talk with your prospect he’ll be ready to buy or join on the spot.

Writing a salescopy is a science. So that’s it, you don’t need to be a pro to write copies, you don’t have to have a natural talent as long as you understand the science.

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