How To Sell MLM Products PART 1



When you start your network marketing business you are told to talk to everyone you know.

Your upline tells you that everyone want these products…


This strategy is the reason people chase their friends, family and co-workers trying to sell them products they don’t want.

And then they quit because they had false expectations of the business.

And when things don’t materialize as planned, you either blame it on your sponsor, your company, your products or even your bad contacts.

If you think about how things are done in mainstream business, you’ll learn that you should never ever try to sell or even worst, push and convince people to buy something they have no interest in! Yet that’s exactly what network marketers are taught to do!

You see… the Network Marketing industry IS suitable for anybody but different products or companies are not suitable for everyone.

Products are really broken down into groups. In the marketing world, people call it « niches » or target markets.

Let’s suppose your particular Network Marketing company sells women bikinis, is that suitable for the mechanic who works on cars?

It is not suitable because the person can’t familiarize with it. They can’t get comfortable with it.

So that would be a category niche.

But there’s also other niches and you need to really be aware of this and that is « product quality » niches.

I recently met a women who looked into our catalog and was interested in getting a bottle of shampoo.

When she asked for the price and I told her it’s $25, she hit the roof!

She is used to buy her shampoo for $5 at the grocery store.

It wouldn’t matter what I did, I would’ve not be able to convince her that the niche of products that I was selling that she would ever be comfortable with because she could not figure out who would be so stupid to pay $25 for a bottle of shampoo when you can get one for $5. In other words she saw everything as the same.

She could care less to look at the actual ingredients to see that there is something different about a $25 shampoo.

She just thought a shampoo was a shampoo. A car is a car.

For example, a person who buys a car will absolutely not settle for anything less than let’s say a BMW because it is a quality they expect in a car.

You can’t get that person to go out and be a salesman for Neon because the person would just feel very below themselves.

There is a group of people who will buy those products. There is a group of people who will feel comfortable selling that kind of product because it’s high class. Or… it’s cheap.

There’s some network marketing companies that go out and their whole focus is on the fact that they have a cheaper product. And so the niche or the class of people that you are going to attract are going to be those people who are always looking for the cheap price in things.

So you could go to Walmart and recruit like mad.

And if you sell a very expensive skin care, then you need to be in a very expensive area.

For example, you go to the department store and you see the lady that step up to that counter and they pay $200 for a one or two onze jar. Well there’s your market. Those people want to pay that because they want that quality.

So yes Network Marketing is for everyone but particular product lines are not.

Personally I always prefer quality. I find that when you sell a cheap product, the type of customers you attract are always looking for deals. And you have to replace that lost customer with a new one.

When you sell quality, those people are loyal, they stay on the product and keep buying because they can’t get these results elsewhere.

So the next thing you need to learn is if you sell first class products, you need to be able to design your presentation in a way that the customer understand what the product does and how it differentiate itself from everything else on the market.

Then and only then, will you have a loyal customer.


24 thoughts on “How To Sell MLM Products PART 1”

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    1. Great question.

      Any business gets customers by marketing and promoting.

      If you own a Mercedes dealership, you will advertise in magazines or any media that reaches your audience.

      This is the same for your MLM products. The first step is to identify who your typical customer is and then market and promote to that group.

      My company for example is in the process of launching a product line for mom who want to raise healthy babies. I will brainstorm ideas of how to reach pregnant women. It can be referrals (asking people I know who know pregnant women), baby magazine, future mom’s classes, pediatricians, etc.

      The key is to identify the market first. Then brainstorm ways to reach that market. Then test different campaigns to see which one is the most effective.

      I hope this is helpful Bojan.


  2. Why are some network marketers unable to build solid businesses that last in the long term? Why do some have to continually rebuild their downlines over and over again? Isn’t that a strange phenomenon when all legal network marketing companies have great products that distributors just love?

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