How To Create Successful MLM Events

So you’re wondering how to create successful MLM events when you invite the corporate executives to your city?

Successful MLM Events

You want to get the most bang for your buck when you host an event for your team with the corporate executives or top leaders?

But you’re not sure what’s the best content to cover.

Always keep in mind what your partners need in order to take action.

At the foundation, they need to have confidence. Lack of confidence comes from doubts and confusion.

Successful networkers have strong confidence in:
a) the company,
b) network marketing,
c) themselves.

These are the three areas you should constantly help your team increase their confidence in.

Here’ s a quick exercise:

A) Take a sheet and rate on a scale from 0 to 10 your confidence level in each of the three areas.

B) Identify the consequences if you do not raise your confidence. Sometimes looking at the consequences of not achieving your goals is more motivating that the goals themselves.

C) What rewards will you enjoy when your confidence level is high in those areas?

D) What are you going to do to increase your confidence in the next 90 days?

Now that you know the 3 areas you should increase your and your team’s confidence in, you can decide what would be the best training to offer when corporate executives fly-in and make it a successful MLM event.

Content to cover for a successful MLM event

It’s a perfect time to build trust, confidence and a sense of proudness to be part of this company.

The President should talk about the vision, how they treat the field, the special incentives they provide to the field, etc.

The Product developer should talk about the special ingredients they use. The efforts they put in to create the best products available and how they differentiate in the marketplace, etc.

The out-of-town leader can train on success principles or skills. They can either inspire or empower. This is the training that will help your teammates increase their confidence in themselves.

Besides the event content, you want to create an environment people feel good in and are excited to be a part of.

Ideally you want to create bonds with your team and create memories that will last a lifetime.

You can do this with:

1) Spending time with your team around a meal or having time to discuss after the events (also known as “the meeting after the meeting”)

2) Activities. Doing special things together will create bonds and memories.

3) Upbeat positive music before and after the events.

People often ask me if they should do events. A great mentor of mine once told me “You don’t have to do events. Only do events for people you want to keep.”

Of course you can’t fly all over the world to do events for everyone. But when you have a team that shows leadership and they can get a group of people together, you should support them with a special event.

Once you start to host events, you will notice that your business grows from one event to the next.

Once in motion, keep the momentum going by scheduling the next event and get your team working towards it.

I just flew back from Calgary, Alberta (Canada) where one of my leaders, Ariana McGrath, organized a very successful MLM event.

She worked towards that event for the past 4 months and her team is exploding.

Here’s a cool video I did from the event (100% recorded, edited and published from my phone. Incredible what we can do today with these mobile apps):

Last thoughts: If you’re not successful, you need the event. If you are, the event needs you.

Now that you know what your team needs, go and create a successful MLM event and watch your team soar!

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