Struggling in MLM? Don't Want to Lose Your Credibility With Prospects?

struggling in mlm
Stephane Page & Robert Allen in Hong Kong

I get asked questions from networkers every single day. Wether I’m in Hong Kong like in the picture above or here in Canada, the questions are pretty much the same everywhere. And I wanted to share another one that you may face as you are starting to build your business.

I received this question by email this week. I posted my answer below…

How does one stay focused and positive, when my reality is I’m not doing very well at this and the last thing I want to do is transmit my struggles to those around me.

The first thing you have to do is acknowledge the fact that your struggles right now have nothing to do with what your prospects will experience.

Then, you need to identify why you are struggling in MLM.

There are 3 types of activities that are the foundation of your business

  1. Self Training (developing your skills),
  2. Promotion (prospecting and marketing. Getting enough prospects in front of the information),
  3. Communication (talking with prospects before and/or after they review information).

When I want to coach someone, I look at their numbers and reverse engineer the process to find out where the problem is.

For example, how many people did you sponsor? If it’s zero, then how many people did you present the information to? If the number is low, why? How many people did you invite to review information… You can see the pattern.

The best way to stay focused and positive is to improve on each of those activities. The more you improve, the better your results. The better your results, the more confident you become.

Part of your communication skills, there are a few items you need to focus on and one of them is to learn how to answer the most common objections like “How much do YOU make?” Knowing how to handle these types of objections is how you really become good at MLM.

So… if you’ve been struggling in MLM, break down the individual activities and make it your goal to master them one by one.

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Stephane Page
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P.S. I learned to speak english by studying and practicing Professional Inviter. This is what helped me become one of the top ten recruiters in my company.

14 thoughts on “Struggling in MLM? Don't Want to Lose Your Credibility With Prospects?”

  1. Thanks Stephane for the tips in this quick read.
    Upon reflection the 3 points summarized are attributes, that I saw in effective recruiters in college football.
    “Self Training; Promotion; Communication”
    Fundamentals of building any organization – Including the Family!
    Thanks for the FOCUS

  2. This is great advice Stephane. The truth is, it’s difficult to build a successful business of any type. We can either be our own greatest asset or our own worst enemy. In most cases, people are struggling because they are let their fears and thoughts control their actions. The best way to achieve success is to let your actions control your emotions. As Dr. David Schwarz says in his famous book The Magic of Thinking Big “action cure fear.” When you do the work your fears go away. I think that is so true. What do you think?

    1. I agree Chuck. And I’m sure you will agree it is easier said than done.

      If the fear is not knowing how to invite someone to review information. Even if we focus on the action and push ourselves to do it, we will still have the fear and probably increase it if the reaction is negative from the prospect.

      But if you focus on learning how to invite, you will develop confidence that you can do it.

      The fear will still be there initially, and that’s when it is a great time to focus on the action. Because at this point you learned what to say and how to say it. Action makes sense.

      What I often see in network marketing is a lack of skills training. Leaders will push the field to take action by sheer motivation and excitement.

      That’s the best way to destroy someone’s confidence.

      Instead, train your people and THEN, inspire them to take action.

      Thanks for bringing up the “action” discussion Chuck. That was a great point!

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