Why 3-Minute Videos Help You Recruit More Reps, More Easily

It’s human nature to find ways to make our lives better.

Recruit More Reps

We seek pleasure and avoid pain.

But anyone wanting more out of life will find themselves torn between short term pain or long term pain.

Is it easier to pay the price now, or later?

Anything worthwhile acheiving requires scarifices.

Prospecting is the price to pay to live the good life of a successful network marketer.

So how can you make it easier to prospect and recruit more reps? In other words, how can you avoid, or reduce the pain.

To do that, let’s look at the reasons why someone would want to join you or buy from you. And later, we’ll look at how you can use 3-minute videos to help you recruit more reps.

You will recruit more reps when you cover the 3 levels of decision:

1) Their own reasons

Of course, the number one reason is for their own benefits. The pleasure they’re going to get from your products or business opportunity.

You often hear… people buy with emotions and justify with logic.

If you can help your prospect see the benefits of your product or business from both the emotional side (being proud of themselves for becoming the person they always wated to be) and the logical side (provide for their family and offer their kids great education), you win their heart. They’ll think about your product or business ALL-THE-TIME.

2) To make it better or easier for them

They will buy from you if they feel you can help them achieve what they want in a better or easier way.

Examples… you have payment plans. You offer extra bonuses with their purchase. etc.

3) To avoid as much pain as possible

They will buy from you if they feel it’s going to be less painful than buying from someone else.

Example… less pricey. Shorter driving distance. Cutting the learning curve.

So how do you use these three levels to recruit more reps, more easily?

About a week ago I was at the Top Earner Academy in Tampa and Ray Higdon talked about these short 3-minute videos that educate people and how they’ve been crucial to his success.

Why videos will help you recruit more reps?

Think about this for a minute… Did you ever follow someone on YouTube on a specific subject?

Take guitar for example.

A YouTuber is posting tips on playing the guiter and you’ve been following them for a while.

What do you think of that person?

You probably view them as an authority.

And what if at some point you’re ready to purchase a training lesson and that person happens to offer lessons?

Who are you going to purchase from?

Probably that person, right?

When you were watching those videos, you had already passed level 1. You were learning to play the guiter for your own reasons.

And now you’re following that person on YouTube to make it easier for you instead of trying to figure it all by yourself.

Next thing you know, you want to up your game and take lessons. You’re moving to phase 3, avoid pain.

You’ll want to take lessons and cut your learning curve.

Because you know, like and trust that person, you’ll take lessons from them because you know they can dramatically cut your learning curve.

The mini-lessons you received for free were very valuable. Imagine what it’ll be like when you get the paid ones!

Most of the time the reason people don’t join your business is because they don’t believe they can do it.

If you create these short video clips that provide value and show them how simple it is to do the business, when they are ready to join and want to cut the learning curve, they’ll turn to you!

The same with your products. If you market a weight loss product, give out tips about weight loss. It can be a recipe or a lesson on inflammation.

Your lessons are beneficial. When they’re ready to commit fully, they’ll look for the program you recommend.

If you’re wondering why people would buy from you or join you because they could just consume your free stuff, think twice.

Your mini-lessons are like a movie trailer. They get enough to create curiosity, maybe laugh a little but not enough to be satisfied.

They’ll always have questions and want the whole thing put together. Not bits and pieces they have to figure out how to put together.

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