2 Simple Ways To Achieve Your Goals

Are you able to stick to your routine and achieve your goals?

It is frustrating to set goals and not achieve them.

But have you ever wondered why you achieve certain goals while you don’t for others?

It might be the level of difficulty but if you really pay attention you will notice that there are things that don’t require that much skills or are not that hard to accomplish, yet you still don’t fully commit to fulfill your goals.

In some areas of your life you are extremely persistent and consistent while on others, you are not.

What’s Stopping You To Achieve Your Goals?

Picture this…

Imganie a hot air balloon. You want to fly in the sky (your goal) but you need fuel (energy, passion) to get that basket (all the reasons that keep you down) up in the air.

Of course you will need skills to operate that ballon. But I’ve seen many skilled people in my life that had all the potential to do great things in life, yet they don’t do anything with it.

So skills have a lot to do with your ability to achieve your goals and reach them faster.

On the other side, there are obstacles that are trying to keep you down. Reasons for not fully getting on board. Those things that make that basket heavy.

And then, there is the energy, consistency, passion that you need to devote to the journey to achieve your goals. The fuel for that balloon to soar.

Here’s the big takeaway…

Sometimes the goal is not enough to get you off the ground. To get your full commitment to achieve your goals.

The opposite of the goal is.

Meaning, what will happen if you DON’T reach your goal.

Take traveling the world with your family for example.

Maybe it’s something you’ve been dreaming for a long time but what if that’s not enough to get your full commitment?

If you haven’t seen yourself truly commit to a routine that will get you on track to achieve that goal, then think of what will happen if you don’t reach the goal!

Think about it… What will happen?

Achieve Your Goals
Poolside family picture at Animal Kingdom Resort

Maybe you won’t create that special bond with your kids.

Maybe they will grow-up and it’ll be too late.

Maybe you won’t visit those places you wanted to visit.

There are all kinds of things that can happen.

Bad things.

You will notice that very often you act more on things that are painful than things that bring us pleasure.

If the pain of not accomplishing those goals is bigger than the pain of taking the actions to achieve your goals, you will find yourself getting off your “you know what” and do something about it.

Add the pain factor and you will see that it’s much easier to stick to your daily schedule.

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