MLM Success Story Marcus Cox

mlm success story marcus coxAnother success story on our team!!! It’s a real pleasure to work with Canada Native and Network Marketing PRO Marcus Cox.

Marcus has a passion for life that has taken him to extraordinary places and to many great successes—despite leaving high school at the age of 16.

From skiing to yoga and eventually settling in Silicon Valley as a software engineer for 25 years, this accomplished leader has lived an adventurous and inspiring life.

It wasn’t until his success at IBM that he stumbled across Network Marketing by shear accident. From the start he was hooked and went on to become a top income earner of more than one Network Marketing company with thousands in his organizations!

With his “don’t quit” attitude and more than 35 lbs slimmer (…thanks to our company’s “Secret Sauce”), this self-proclaimed “Computer Geek” has a passion for being active, the outdoors and celebrating life with his family and grand-kids. A true example that no matter where you start in life you can always end up on top if you dream big and never give up.

You definitely do not want to miss this call!

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  1. I am so very lucky to have found you. The information that you and Mr. Tim Sales are sharing on these newsletters is absolutely phenominal. Thank you is not enough, so Thank You, Thank You and Thank You. And by the ways THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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