Ever Wondered How To Sell Your MLM Company's Products Online?

How comes you can’t sell you MLM company’s products online?

Big companies are doing it, you should be able to, shouldn’t you?

Technically, yes.

But there’s a catch.

Most MLM companies provide you with a replicated website and Google doesn’t like that. Google actually doesn’t like replicated content. This is why you can’t get your company’s replicated website ranked on Google.

Also, your company prohibits you from creating your own product website. They want to make sure they control what you say about the product so you and them don’t get in legal problems.

So how in the world, can you market them online?

There are different ways. But one of the ways is to leverage the news.

This video shows you what I recently did with Dr. Oz show.

Here are the things you should do:

1) Stay connected to your company announcements.
2) Set Google Alerts (you receive these when Google finds any piece of information about a specific keyword you’ve set)
3) Have a blog and write the title of your article with the keywords you think people will type when searching online about the product mentioned in the news.
4) Create a capture form to grab your visitor’s contact information and put it at the bottom of your article with an enticing offer.

I always liked to leverage the news. The medias are providing me with highly valuable 3rd party content that my company can’t dispute. They are selling my customers even before I talk to them.

Of course, your company needs to have products that the media like.

It’s always easier to get people to come to you than to go after them. This is why even if I go after customers first, I give them just enough information to get them curious to ask me for more.

Another way to use the media is to use a piece of content coming from the news to send to you prospects and get them curious. There’s always people you approached who didn’t buy yet. Keep them informed by sending them what the media are saying about your products.

In marketing we learn that your message needs to get in front of your target audience enough times before they make a decision. So stop bugging your prospects, get them exposed from third-party sources that do the selling for you. And provide an offer for your prospect to act today.

This doens’t take too much time because the content is already created. All you have to do is link everything together and voilà! You have a brand new capture page ready to work for you.

By the way, another really good media is the testimonials you get for your existing customers. What if you used them to create a capture page? You could easily create a video or audio from a customer’s testimonial and out that on your blog or website and you have a brand new piece of content to share and attract prospects.

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18 thoughts on “Ever Wondered How To Sell Your MLM Company's Products Online?”

    1. Dennis, there are website templates that can do that for you. Or you could also have a blog like this one here that talks about a specific subject and in your articles or on the right side you have a capture form and you give away something of value to your readers.

  1. Sorry, I just sent a comment, help with debt. I have access to a propriety system to deal with debt in a huge way, wondered if you want to do a JV

  2. Hi,

    I’ve built a platform that allows anyone to sell MLM products online. It is not a replicated site, but the MLM company’s main site. So, MLM company’s are in full control of content. How it works is the URL contains the referrer’s name, and the products he bought. So, anyone that buys from the page earns the referrer commissions, and gets his own link. My system tracks up to 10 tiers – yup, 10.

    Would like to explore opportunities with you if you have any good products. Check out my link and explore. Now it’s only built for digital products like eBooks. I’m building the module for physical prodents at the moment, so the backend admin panel will handle fulfilment and payouts.

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