Confused about Marketing Your Business Online?

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know that I write about many different subjects. And everytime I pick up the phone, I find a lot of people confused about how to build their business online.

Is this how you feel?

What would you most like to learn? I will try to help you with your specific questions and concerns. Simply leave your comment at the bottom of this post and tell me what you would like to learn.

12 thoughts on “Confused about Marketing Your Business Online?”

  1. Stephane,

    This is how I see it- I haven’t gone through the training yet on MSLP
    If you have a link to help me on the steps for the blog that would be great…but if the info is in MSLP then that is fine

    Should I mix my primary with this blog? In other words a link

    Do you do your own blog or did you have anyone do it..any recos?

    1. Build a Blog to brand (not sure of tagline yet)
    (Not sure if I should aim it at NWM and/or Entrepreneurs?
    Helping entrepreneurs succeed through social marketing
    or Tips and Strategies for helping others building a successful on line biz (got stuck on this one)

    a. bought my name at .com
    b. need to know what type of pages and header to put in the blog in other words headers like Social Marketing tips,

    2. Create the funnel
    a. set up autoresponder with aweber
    b. Create an offer ( one of the ones a MSLP)
    c. Create a thankyou email
    d. create opt in page

    3. Social Media
    Facebook, twitter, you tube channel, Linkedin etc
    4. Learn how to social book mark with digg, stumble upon etc.

    So for right now…I need to know what my blog header should look like did you use someone like elance? and did you use a WordPress

    1. Caroline, that is a lot to chew.

      There are webinar archives about blogging inside of MLSP.

      Regarding the promotion of your primary company on your blog. What most people do, I haven’t done it but it’s on my upcoming tasks… is to create a page (button in the menu) that says “Work With Caroline”.

      You see, people don’t join a company because they love the products or the business, they join because they believe you can help them succeed. If you focus on helping people, they will see you as a leader that can help them. They will click on that link.

      But the concept is not to pitch your company. It’s to sell them why they should work with you.

      As far as creating my own blog… I did it myself. Later I bought courses like Blogging for Prospects. This particular one helped me clarify things and the basics steps to promote my blog. I wish I had that when I got started.

      Your questions:
      1. Be yourself. There are hundreds of thousands of people like you. Don’t try to please everyone, it won’t work. What makes you special? What skills did you develop? If you’re going to blog, make sure it’s a subject you enjoy otherwise you will have diffficulties disciplining yourself in writing about the subject of your blog.
      a. .com is better for SEO. Then .net and then .org
      b. This will reflect your image. Who are you? What do you like? What did your business helped you solve? What are your passions? What are you good at? Personally I love adventures. We try to travel with our family as often as we can, do all kinds of activities. This is what this business allows me to do.

      2. What I see here is you’d like to learn how to setup your marketing funnel from a to z. is the best system to do just that. Follow the steps in the getting started training and you will have an operational marketing funnel up and running in a few hours.

      3. Again, will provide you a lot of training on those things. Don’t get overwhelmed and try to master everything. Try a few and then stick with the one you like best and master it.

      4. I used wordpress.

  2. Hi Stephane I am in networking and would like to launch my business on line. The problem is I do not have any friends in Facebook as most of the people I know hardly use the computer.Please help

    1. Hello Peninah,

      Facebook is one media source. There are many other sources of prospects online.

      And if you don’t have friends on Facebook, you can always change that and make friends.

      A good place to start is finding people who share similar interests. For example, you can find many Facebook Fan Pages. Become a fan and request to be friend with the other fans.

      You can find me on Facebook at

      Let me know if there is something else I can help you with đŸ˜‰


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