How to Handle Questions in MLM

Kristine is a partner on my team and she sent me this question and I know my answer can benefit everyone here…

Questions in MLM

Remember Kristine… Question/Objection Remedy:
Step 1: Listen completely through
Step 2: Confirm understanding
Step 3: Make the question/objection valid
Step 4: Handle or facilitate handling
Step 5: Return to where you were in the inviting formula

Right now, you don’t know what price she is objecting to.

So that would be the first step. Find out what is reasonable for her.

Then follow the steps. And once you get to step 4, if she says $5 is the maximum she would pay, then you can help her answer her own objection by asking her questions like:

Price is relative as you know. The first thing you have to do is to determine if eliminating toxins from your family’s shampoo is a necessity item or a luxury item. Because I’m sure you and I already spend money on stuff that is not a necessity, like cable television and other things like that.

And the way I found if something is a necessity or luxury is to really investigate the impact of that item. So, if you were to pick your shampoo bottle and look up some of the ingredients on Google and search for the damage they cause to your health, would you still use them?

Then look how much more you’d have to spend on a shampoo that doesn’t have those health damaging ingredients. Sometimes when you compare the monthly extra cost, it doesn’t add much more than less than a cup of coffee every two days (luxury item).

By making small changes like that in my life, I found that these can have a dramatic effect on the long term health of my entire family.

So I’d be curious what you find out about your current shampoo. Let me know! I’m so curious to find out!!

So there you have it! This is how to handle questions and objections in MLM. If you liked this one, you may want to listen to a training call I hosted where someone asked me what I answer when a prospect asks “So How Much Do YOU Make?”

There is a course I bought called Professional Inviter many years ago that goes through the exact formula in details and multiple real examples recorded from conversations with real prospects. I recommend this training to anyone interested to become a professional network marketer.

Post the questions you frequently get in the comments below and I may just create a new blog post for each one of those!

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