How To Create Momentum

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In any given area of your life, you will see a gap between some degree of success and total achievement of a worthwhile goal. The gold medalists are good examples. That difference can be measured by what we call “momentum”.

Momentum is created through a series of successful achievements taking you faster and faster to the desired outcome.


You experience momentum when obstacles come and go without too much impact. It seems like they never even touched you. You move quickly and swiftly towards your goal building upon the momentum you created from the previous step each time going faster.

When you experience momentum, you create a catalyst around you attracting even more situations and events that push you even higher on your target.

People admire those who create momentum. They seem untouchable. Success seems to happen easily.

As you gain momentum, your confidence increases. As a result, the next goal is even easier to achieve because of that increased confidence.

You’re a master of the situation and it shows in how you act. You basically create a domino effect where everything goes well.


1. Clear and meaningful goals.

The part people struggle with the most is in setting and achieving goals. Having a vision of where you want to go is as vitally important as the steps you take to accomplish the vision.

Once the vision is clear, you need to breakdown the vision into smaller goals, your 6 to 12 months goals. And then break those goals into measurable tasks you can take each week.

Keep the vision in front of you and your team as much as you can. It needs to fuel your actions daily.

No wishy-washy goals here. Make it clear that the vision or the goal you are pursuing is something meaningful. Otherwise it’s going to be easy to get off track.

2. Start with yourself.

The speed of the leader determines the pace of the pack.

Momentum within an organization begins with personal momentum. You can’t expect others to create momentum for you. Take the lead and start the ball rolling.

It’s much easier to inspire others by your actions than motivate others. Let your personal momentum shine onto those who aspire to create the same. They’ll follow you. When you are two in momentum, you will multiply the effect on the team.

3. Set the stage for momentum early in the day.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. –Confucius

Distraction is the killer of momentum. It’s easy to get distracted along the way.

Have you ever seen someone use a magnifying glass to start a fire? The magnifying glass concentrates the scattered rays of sunlight into a single point where the energy is so focused and so hot, a fire starts.

You can use the same powerful principle – focus. The way you start your day will pretty much set the rest of your day. Make sure you concentrate the early tasks of your day on things that will move you towards your goal. The productive tasks. Stay away from easy distractions like checking e-mails or other similar chores. By immediately doing the tasks that will move you towards your goal in the first hour of the day, you will start to gain momentum that is more likely stay.

4 . Create an avalanche of successes.

Success attracts success. You need to use the initial success you have to fuel the actions that will produce the next one. When you sell a product, it’s not time to celebrate, it’s time to go make another one. Use that energy, that confidence you gained and go make another sale.

All too often I see people enjoy the reward too quickly and never build on that initial success to go into momentum. They live in a linear world. They succeed, relax and go back to work. They succeed, relax and go back to work. If they would only use that initial momentum and use it to move them even faster to the next one, they’d quickly find themselves accomplishing more and more with less and less effort.

Similarly, your car will require less strength to switch from the second gear to the third as it required from just getting the car moving from the parking lot.

Most people are in first gear then park. Then start all over again into first gear and then park. Imagine if you used the momentum you created while you were in first gear and moved into second gear and then third, fourth and fifth. Soon you’d be cruising.

5. Speedy Short-Term Massive Action.

It’s easier to go fast than slow. In many fields your strength gives out sooner when you work slower.

Also, you want to put as much effort as you can in a short period of time because nobody can sustain intense pressure year after year, without relief. The goal is to work hard one time, for a few months or a couple of years at most, then decelerate and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And finally, your action must be massive, because the law of average will always work in your favor if you do it enough times.

So if you need new customers for your business, do a maximum of promotion as quickly as you can using the maximum number of marketing strategies you have access, and do that immediately. Make it a race. You’ll receive so many requests that you won’t have time to respond to all. Instead of being in a state of scarcity, you’ll live in a state of abundance.

6. Motivate your team

Nothing motivates a person more than fully knowing what to do and how to do it, and having confidence that they can do it.

You should focus your attention on training your team members on the exact things they need to do to produce results and then get them into massive action quickly. People need to see small signs of success before they can move confidently towards a goal.

If you guide them properly, their confidence in themselves, in their abilities to perform at a certain task and their belief in you will increase and they’ll begin their personal momentum, contributing to the team’s momentum.

Get ready for what’s coming next, you’ll experience the exhiliration of riding the ride of your life in full control!


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