2 Things To Do… Generate Leads And Convert Leads

– When you do this business right, you don’t have to “hard sell” anyone.

– When you do this business right, you don’t have to beg people to join… they ask you!

– When you do this business right, you don’t have to stand on street corners passing out business cards.

– When you do this business right, you attract prospects to you

– When you do this business right, you earn money before people join your company

– When you do this business right, you are perceived as a real professional business owner and attract like-minded people.

I found the business is divided into two fundamental activities. #1 Marketing. #2 Communication.

On this website, you’ll learn how to attract people to you instead of chasing after them, and have them pay you to do that.

You may say, this sounds too good to be true. And I understand you because there’s so much stuff on the Internet today that it’s hard to believe everything that’s being told.

But think about this, attracting people to you is exactly what “mainstream” businesses do each day. You’ll just learn how to do it with your own Network Marketing business right from your home.

And when all of your marketing is said and done, it’s your ability to connect and communicate with your prospects that will ultimately determine your success.

You can only hide behind an autoresponder for so long. If you want to build a downline, you’ve got to get on the phone and connect with people. Remember, they’re ultimately joining YOU, because they feel that you can help them achieve their goals.

Once I figured that one out and created a step-by-step plan of how to master communication, I went on to create a marketing campaign to attract prospects. After implementing a few strategies, I press the button and …

Boom my leads started flowing in

All of a sudden, I just couldn’t believe my eyes! People started contacting me !

Seriously, so many people were suddenly visiting my site each hour, and I started receiving so many emails, that I had to stop my operations!

Yes, I had too many people to talk to! Can you believe that??? A few hours earlier, I was stuck calling people who didn’t show much interest. Now THEY were calling me! I had to start filtering out those I really wanted to work with from those I didn’t. I began to feel what it was like when they said “it’s not the quantity but the quality of the people you work with.” Before that event, I was ready to sponsor the first one who showed interest. You don’t see that in “mainstream” business. When you post a job offer, you interview different candidates before investing time and money into training a new person.

Well, you can imagine I was ecstatic! The joy you feel inside is indescribable. FINALLY !!!

The first days were so exciting! I was smiling all day long, I just couldn’t believe it was finally working! I’m telling you, you must live this, it is an awesome feeling to reach success after trying and trying for years! I don’t know what matters most at that moment, is it seeing the results of my marketing efforts, or the pride of success? Whichever, it is something that not many people experience in their life!

Let’s get you going on the same path and make this the start of something big because Network Marketing is such a simple business when people come to you and you are able to demonstrate your ability to help them.

You’ll wonder why your sponsor had you struggle so much. They’ll be on your training calls soon!

Yours in success,

Stephane Page

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  1. Dont forget that you should also have your email marketing system in place, you should have a lead capture or autoresponder on your site.If you dont have a site you can get a wordpress site done and hosted for very little money

  2. This blog post really informative and it would be great if you can continue this kind of blog post almost everyday. Anyway, just to let you know, I just Bookmarked this page.

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