I Hate My Job

With one word, write down the feeling you have when you wake up in the morning and think about work.

Some people love their work. They like the routine work gives them. Others feel sick to their stomach. I often hear people say “I hate my job!”

Many years ago I wanted to find a better way and I found Network Marketing.

Some reasons why I love this profession…

We get to wake-up when we’re done sleeping (disclaimer: kids may also influence sleeping habits). We make as much as we want. We take days off when we want. And we can win all-expenses paid trips like this one Claudia and I just won.

Hate My Job

I hate my job

I used to work hard in my traditional business. I thought, if I’m going to work hard anyway, why not work hard at something that will pay me extremely well for the rest of my life?

Too many people get in Network Marketing with the thought of residual income but all they’re really after is the quick cash. I wanted to make money quickly but what I wanted more than anything else was to do it ONE time. Only one time.

I was willing to grind it and work it and sweat tears once but only do it once.

I now reached the “Chairperson” level in my company.

Even I do I worked hard for a while. I still do because I have bigger ambitions. And so many more people to improve their lives.

Initially, many people around me complained I worked all the time. When others watched television at night, I’d be working my business. When they had free weekends, I was doing training meetings. The money didn’t justify the time I was investing in my business.

Time is not a good indicator of success when you’re building a network marketing business. If it were, how would you justify that I make more than what I should get paid for based on the amount of time I work?

I now recruit people and find customers almost effortlessly. Meaning, I don’t beg anyone, I don’t pray for people to join or buy. I’m more of an information tour guide. Although I used to feel weird talking to people about my business and products. I learned how to do it right and it now feels like second nature.

I love this business because I grow as a person. I work on myself everyday. They say your income grows as fast as you grow. Most people stop growing after college/university.

I love my business because I surround myself with the most amazing people out there. People who impact other people’s lives. Go getters. Ambitious. Self-driven. Contributors.

Some people I know babysit a 59-year-old boss who can’t do anything for himself.

America is the land of freedom. We worked hard to gain our freedom but we are losing it day-by-day. Network marketers are freedom fighters. We own the ultimate free-enterprise system.

If the way you feel about your work is nothing but positive, there is a better way… Go to https://www.stephanepage.com/story, scroll to the bottom of that page and complete the form. I’ll be your tour guide.

You don’t have to say “I hate my job” for the rest of your life.


P.S. We are NOT average. Our results are not typical. See our income disclosure: https://www.stephanepage.com/income I used to hate my job so much that I was willing to do whatever it takes.

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