Fastest Way To Get Leads With Classified Ads

We all want to know what’s the fastest way to get leads for our MLM business. But the problem is we don’t want to spend a fortune initially and we certainly don’t want to go through a learning curve of 6 months to a year before we finally get leads.

2 years ago I decided to experiment with classified ads. It was easy, cheap and quick.

I started to get leads within the hour after posting my ad.

I couldn’t believe it! Could it be that easy?


It’s easy and it works. And what I like about it is you can target the person you are looking for. You don’t have to spend hours on the phone with tire kickers.

Below is an example of what happened this morning…

This morning I posted 2 ads on a classified website. Within a few minutes after posting, two people replied. I called the first one and here was my conversation…

Listen To The Initial Call:

As you could hear, I didn’t connect well enough on the initial call. I was a little bit in a hurry to get off the phone. But at least I qualified him. The danger with not connecting properly (what my friend Tim Sales call “The Greeting”) is that your prospect doesn’t pick-up the phone when you call back.

If people are not answering when you call back, you now know why.

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