The Duplicatable Mistake

Since the beginning of my MLM career I heard the term duplicatable. You have to be duplicatable. Use a duplicatable system. And you know what? I’ve never really been able to duplicate my upline! And it’s not because I didn’t try. But being just like them is almost impossible. They have their own personalities. But what’s even more interesting is every leader from every company has it’s own duplicatable system.

I began to wonder if this duplicatable thing was just a myth.

After all, why would there be so many duplicatable systems out there?

Can’t I just pick one that works for me? What if the one my upline is using is not working for me?

Years of trials and errors trying to be someone I am not proved their duplicatable system is NOT duplicatable.

Think of this… Which leader do you know that’s truly duplicatable? They all have unique talents. They developed their skills and personality which attracts certain people to them. And that’s what makes their business grow. And where did they get those skills and personality? Through personal growth. They invested in training to develop their mindset and skills.

I have changed as a person because of Network Marketing. I’m a better communicator, I’m a better marketer and I have a better mindset. The most important thing is not to get your people to duplicate YOU. It’s to help your people grow as individuals and find their own duplicatable model that will make their skills and personality shine.

How To Ask The Right Duplicatable Questions

New reps ask their upline how they could be like them. The upline happily show them what they do and how they do it but most of the time it doesn’t work! The upline doesn’t take in consideration their own personality and skills level. They focus on systems and tools, teaching their new reps how to use them.

This is where duplicatation breaks down. If you follow your upline’s advice and can’t reproduce their success, you get frustrated. You start to doubt and wonder what is it that they are not telling you. You begin to think:

  • I don’t have what it takes
  • They are better than me
  • I can’t do what they do
  • She is a born speaker
  • It will never work for me

By asking the wrong questions, you get the wrong answers. It’s not about how you can be like them. It’s how can you be YOUand be effective at the business.

The Duplicatable fundamentals in this business are always the same:

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Promotion
  3. Communication

Some leaders and companies designed their entire duplicatable system around “warm market”. Only contact the people that you know. But when you look at our industry name “Network Marketing“, it goes against it’s own definition.

I’m not against building with your warm market. I believe it’s a great way but it’s not the only way.

Marketing means “to make known in such a way that your product or service appears desirable.”

Any method of marketing that you use to help you accomplish that is good. Over the years I’ve met several leaders and the majority use different ways to reach out to prospects.

Some use their personal contacts, some use postcards, some use purchased leads, some place ads in newspaper, some use social media, some have their own lead generation websites. So… in the end, any method that makes your business or product known and desirable… works!

There are leaders in every company that can prove that.

I have on my team a personal fitness trainer who owns a gym. He has the power of influence over his clients so that when he recommends for them to take a product, they take it, is that duplicatable?

No, unless everyone he sponsors is a personal fitness trainer. So should I tell him not to sell products using his influence because it’s not “duplicatable?” Absolutely not.

Here’s what I learned over the years… As an upline, you should pull back from the specific methods people use to promote their business or product and instead teach them a “duplicatable system” that encompasses any marketing method they want to use to promote.

As an upline, you can have a duplicatable system… But don’t limit a person from doing the business the way that best fits what they feel comfortable doing.

If your duplicatable system is talking to people on the street, you’ve limited your business to people who are comfortable talking to strangers on the street.

As an upline, don’t get in your downline’s way of the definition of the word MARKETING – let your downline make their (and your) business and products known!

One of the first thing I teach the team is how to get 5-10 leads a day quickly. The method doesn’t matter.

But here’s what happens to them… When you get 10 new people a day reviewing information and you have to follow-up with them a few days later… within 5-10 days you’re SO busy, you have so much going on, so many calls scheduled that you barely can keep track of it all and it changes your whole mentality from one of scarcity, when it comes to leads, to one of abundance and prosperity.

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  1. Very good post Stephane! Well said, and fundamentally correct; will pass on

    ” As an upline, you can have a duplicatable system… But don’t limit a person from doing the business the way that best fits what they feel comfortable doing.”

    Hey I got interest in ads intended to sell Slenderiix too 🙂
    See you guys at this Sat. HangOut

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