3 Lies From Prospects

prospectsOne of my business partners told me: “I’ve been working with a prospect. She reviewed everything. When I told her the next step was to enroll, she put the brakes and told me she needed to see more information but when I asked her for the kind of information she needed, she didn’t know. What information do you think I should send her?”

This is an undisclosed objection. Your goal right now is to try to find out what the real objection is.

I can see three objections. There may be something else, but these are three I isolated:

1) She doesn’t see the value in starting her own business with us.

2) She doesn’t believe it’s going to work for her.

3) She doesn’t know how to find the money to invest.

My first recommendation is to study and follow the “Handle Question/Objection Remedy” in our team’s training.

The first step in this remedy is to get the person to talk freely and openly to you about her objection.

If for example you’re trying to handle the first possible objection “She doesn’t see the value”, you may ask her if she sees an opportunity for her to achieve her goals with this business.

Or, if you’re trying to handle her second possible objection, you could ask something like this, “Do you believe this business works, not for you or anyone you know but do you believe it works?”

If she says she’s not sure it works, then facilitate handling that objection. Ideally, you will get the best results if you can walk her through handling her own objection.

If her objection is that she believes in the success but her issue is investment, then again you facilitate handling or handle the objection yourself.

The way you do it with this particular one, is to relate back to her goals. You could say something like this… “You said you want to spend more time with your kids and right now your job is keeping you away from your family and you see this business as a way to keep you home with your kids but you don’t have the money to invest right now, is that right?… Marie, we have to find a solution because if we don’t, time will pass and you will always be in this situation. Your kids will grow up and you will not have spent the time with them that you wanted.  So we have to figure this out, what do you think?”

Again, go back to the “Handle Question/Objection Remedy” in our training and make sure you follow the 5 steps. Don’t skip a step otherwise you will appear like everyone else trying to pitch your deal. But by following the Remedy, you will truly have helped this person with her specific objections. Those are the things that stand in her way of achieving her goals. Your task is to help her get past those roadblocks.

This was my answer. Do you get this type of training on your team? Would you like to learn more about the 5 steps of handling objections like a pro? Reply back in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

To Your Success,

Stephane Page

8 thoughts on “3 Lies From Prospects”

  1. Hello Stephane! I have enjoyed learning through your blog posts. It sounds like you provide phenomenal training for your network marketing team! I would love to know more, specifically about the five steps of handling objections. I found your website through a google search of “spreadsheet for tracking prospects network marketing free download”. I watched your video about “free software to follow up with MLM prospects” and I thought it was fantastic! However I do not have log in credentials for your inner circle. Is there a way I could still access your free spreadsheet? Thank you.

    1. Hi Amber, thanks for the comments!

      You can access my 4-part video series here http://stephanepage.com/news/recruiter-2 and you will be able to download the spreadsheet I created on video #3. It will come to you in about 3 dasy from the time you watch the 1st video.

      Keep me posted… would love to get your feedback (there’s a commenting section under each of the 4 videos)

  2. There is always a reason that sounds good and a REAL reason that your prospect objects. If you can get good at asking questions and listening, it really does help. I like to ask questions like “in addition to that?” and “why?” This helps me get to the root cause of the issue and identify the real objection. That being said, I don’t spend a whole lot of time trying to sell or convince people to join me. I spend more time sorting through people and working the willing. If you have to “convince” someone to join you will have to “convince” them to do anything at all. Just my two cents.

    Nice post.

    Chuck Holmes

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