Tim Sales MLM Expert interviewed by Larry King


Tim Sales MLM expert explained the industry to Larry King. There’s quite a buzz going around because Tim Sales sat down with Larry King at a network marketing convention and explained to him how and why M.L.M. is NOT a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme…and he understood it.  

In case you don’t know, Larry King has interviewed over 40,000 celebrities. From every President of the United States since the Ford Administration to Vladimir Putin (second President to Russia) to Tony Blair (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom).  

Tim told me the interview has been "Better than I could have ever dreamed".

Tim was at Larry’s home a couple of months ago and they talked about the difference between Multi-Level-Marketing (M.L.M) and pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes or scams.

Larry’s difficulty about understanding the difference between legitimate M.L.M. companies and illegal shemes was demistified. He had recently been scammed for millions by  Bernard Madoff’s investment Ponzi scheme. Tim was easily listened to.  

After this conversation, Tim and Larry found a circumstance where both would get on the stage in front of a network marketing crowd of 10,000 distributors to speak at their company’s mlm convention.  

That’s when a live interview was conducted and it’s been one of the best show of all Network Marketing’s history and Tim is promising to keep us posted on future projects with Larry.

Tim Sales has done a lot of work to defend the reputation of Network Marketing over the years.

His video, Brilliant Compensation, served on court rooms to defend the legitimacy of the industry. It’s also responsible for many professionals joining the business.

His interview with Larry King serves as a model for future events in front of the media and how he can easily explain the business viability and legality.

Tim has been recognized for his particularly strong communication skills and he uses them to help network marketers develop their ability to communicate effectively and sponsor more mlm distributors into their business.

There’s a possibility that CNN may allow Tim the use of this interview.

If it works, we will have one of the best prospecting tool the industry has ever had.

Larry King is at the top of the media community. When he makes a point about something, nobody can really argue.

If we’re able to get the approval to use this interview, we will have something to give any high caliber prospect that will demystify all the pre-conceived notions they have about our industry.

Another great tool we hope will come to the market.

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9 thoughts on “Tim Sales MLM Expert interviewed by Larry King”

  1. I would love to watch the interview, checked on you tube but could not find…. again I love your stye and am enjoying your website.

    1. Emma, thanks again for the nice words…

      Larry King is at the absolute top of the media league. No one is senior to him. And so, if he does an article, a show or a special report on MLM, there will never be a 20/20 again that will come in because they will basically be saying they are senior to Larry King.

      So when Larry King does it, he has set the standard as to what this industry is and so if a company or a media group is going to attack MLM again, they are going to use the criteria that was discussed on the show.

      That’s what they did on that interview. But here’s the problem…

      Larry is an employee of the television company and they couldn’t get the permission from them to use the interview that was recorded.

      Will this eventually go through? We don’t know. Tim worked hard on this but so far it hasen’t worked out.

      If it does, we’ll have the best media exposure to back our industry.

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