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  1. Do you get personal mentoring with MLSP like you get with Carbon Copy Pro or The Six Figure Mentors. I can see that the system and tools are first rate. But as a relative beginner at marketing I would like a close mentor to begin with. But I am encoraged by your words. Thanks.

    1. Hi David, The main difference between MLSP and Carbon Copy Pro is MLSP is generic. It is not related to any company. You can promote the company that you are with already. Inside of MLSP, you will have access to more than one mentor. You are not dependent on just one person. The implementation steps are designed for beginners up to pros. You can start at your level and add more and more as you learn.

  2. Hi Stephane.

    Just watched your ppc facebook training organised by Tim Sales…fantastic training, good job.

    I then went onto your website and discovered something I am extremely interested in (facebook graph search) and would like to further develop this in terms of creating the right dialogue with prospects.

    I just wondered if you could help please. I have been in network marketing 12 years now but never reached my full potential. Thank you in advance. Kind regards. John Halsall

    PS: I think I have purchased just about all of Tim’s products over the years. I see graph search as a very powerful and duplicatable tool to help my team build their business.

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