Ariix Trip: The Elite Retreat


Events are exciting, fun and a great way to bond with teammates. But they’re also necessary to your success. Or should I say, your stickiness.

A great leader once said “If you’re down, you need the event. If you’re up, the event needs you.”

We spent a whole week cruising the Caribbean islands. Jet skiing, snorkeling, swimming with turtles, beach and sun, 5 star restaurants, rock climbing, Rain Forest adventures, and so much memories that will last a lifetime.

We got to spend time with the management team, learn more about them, their families, their passion and how much they care.

Ariix Trip to St. Croix

Lesson learned: don’t always listen to what locals tell you… We were told that the spot on the beach we were going to was a 5 minutes walk. We ended up walking almost an hour! Good thing is, we deserved every bit of rest on one of the most beautiful beaches. The water was so good and the Pina Colada was delicious.

And after a very tasty meal, we would go to the theater for a fabulous show and then meet with a few leaders on the deck for some brainstorming and getting to know each other. Those were really fun nights!

Ariix Trip Elite Retreat St. Croix
Before our long walk in St. Croix

Ariix Trip to St. Maarten

Alan Organ and many others recommended we don’t miss Orient Beach. Wow! What an amazing beach…

We walked this long beach where Kites, Parasailing and many other activities share the waves and wind. The scenery is majestic. And they speak FRENCH! 😉

Ariix Trip Elite Retreat to St Maarten
Sandra (a great leader on our team) on Orient Beach

And then we came back to the port. That’s where Claudia heard of a small Belge Chocolate place. Of course she can’t resist. And I obviously have to accompany her 😉

Ariix Trip Elite Retreat St Maarten
Eating chocolate and connecting on WiFi for the first time during our trip
Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
On the boardwalk before getting back on the ship


Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
Claudia holding a Starfish Marcus found before he takes it back to the water.

 Ariix Trip to Antigua

Claudia & I agree that this was the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen.

Crystal clear water, beige sand, no waves, no wind. It was just a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Mark Wilson (President) rented a Jet Ski and had a blast with Steve’s kids. I’m not sure if Taylor is the craziest behind a steering or Annabella. But boy did I have to hold on to the steering! Turn left, turn right, turn left, left, left, left, right…

Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
On the Beach of St-Marteen with Ariix Elite Retreat leader Steve & his family and President Mark Wilson
Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
Jet Ski Stephane & Tyler
Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
My sweetheart… isn’t she beautiful?! I’m so lucky.
Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
Yep, that’s me 🙂 Claudia loves this one.
Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
And when you’re hungry, all you have to find is a small restaurant overlooking the ocean. Ahhhhh, the MLM lifestyle 😉

Ariix Trip to St. Lucia

Well… you can’t talk about traveling without some degree of adventure… St. Lucia is where it all happened.

Have you ever been driving through torturous roads up and down, left and right for over an hour?

Well… you can guess what happened…

Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
Little girls get nausea
Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
Driving through the Rainforest, we almost made it to the Volcano. The perfect scenery.

Ariix Trip to Barbados

Our day in Barbados was a full day!

From Sea Turtles to Recognition Awards to Wedding…

Ariix Trip
Claudia loved Barbados
Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
Swimming with Sea Turtles made Claudia’s day. She was a really happy camper 🙂
Werner Berger Ariix
Werner Berger (Oldest man in America to climb Mount Everest and Ariix leader) married Heshie on the cruise! What an honor to celebrate the union of this wonderful couple. We feel privileged.


Ariix Trip Elite Retreat
But the best thing was to get to know our team a little more, laugh, learn and create memories that will stay with us forever. Guys, and gals… me and Claudia really appreciate you and enjoyed our time with you on this trip.

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