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I’ve been writing about Tim Sales for quite some time. And I will continue to do so.


I think he’s a great human being. A good friend and business partner.

And I respect him tremendously because he is a brilliant guy who’s ahead of the curve. I haven’t seen anyone in MLM that knows more about how to play the game and where the game is heading than him.

If you saw the projects he’s working on, you’d say “Oh my gosh, he’s going to make my business obsolete!”

And on top of that… he truly cares. He cares about his people, he cares about the industry, he cares about our planet. And he actually does something about all of those.

But in the end, Tim is just a normal guy. A guy who choose the play high in life. There’s been a time where I would look up at him as a model.

But now that I got to know him, he makes me understand that we are capable of so much. We are powerful human beings. We limit our abilities of accomplishing great things in life by believing in small things and accepting small things. Get out of your own way!

Should You Work With Tim Sales?

I know what you may be thinking…

Your sponsor can’t make you successful.

And you’re right. But he can facilitate your success.

Those who think their upline is not responsible for their own success, simply never had Tim Sales as their upline.

I know from personal experience and here’s why… I’ve had as upline an author of an MLM book. Very famous guy. I had someone who at the time had earned $63,000,000 (that’s 63 millions) in the company we were with.

So I’ve had the best of the best as uplines. And frustrated, I have been.

You call them, they tell you to come to events. They say “follow the system.” Or “You can’t possibly have talked to everyone you know!” bla, bla, bla.

They can’t even figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Oh maybe sometimes they are right. You haven’t talked to everyone you know. But the real question Tim would ask is: WHY?

“There’s something holding you back. Let’s figure it out because if we don’t, that same thing is going to transpire anyway when you reach out to the cold market.”

Isn’t that the kind of upline you want?

Associating yourself with the right people is the fastest way to wealth.

For me, it took time but when I started to work with Tim Sales, I knew right then that he really knew what he was talking about. It was like my life changed overnight. It’s amazing how fast you can experience success when you align yourself with someone who knows what they are talking about and actually cares about your success.

Tim Sales – Old School vs New School

Tim and I believe that your duplicatable system should not focus on the methods you use to promote your business. Wether offline techniques or online ones, you should teach people a duplicatable system that encompasses any method of marketing they want to use.

Because when you master the fundamentals, you can apply them anywhere with any prospect.

I for myself have built in the past an organization completely offline. I had thousands of people in my downline. But since I joined a new company with Tim, I have built exclusively online and I started from scratch without recruiting from my old company.

I can attest that when you master the skills of generating leads, creating interest, presenting in a way that gets prospects wanting to join and how to recruit people who recruit others fast, your whole mentality changes to abundance and you can build or re-build your business anytime and anywhere.

That’s why I can truly say that since I work with Tim Sales everything changed and it saved my MLM career, as well as my family’s lifestyle.

You are welcome to ask questions below about what it would be like to work together. I’d love to help you finally put the pieces together and create the success that you so much deserve.

Stephane Page

Work With Tim Sales P.S.  If you want to work with Tim Sales and I, take a test-drive and see in real-time how our business works. I will actually show you that it works even before you join:

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