When Are You Going To Succeed In Network Marketing?

A mentor of mine once told me “You can’t be a little bit pregnant.”

You are or you’re not.

You’re IN network marketing or you’re not.

That doesn’t mean you have to go full time.

It simply means you are totally committed to make it happen or you’re not.

You can get in Network Marketing, but it’s not until Network Marketing gets in you, that you’re finally going to succeed in Network Marketing.

The actor who gets into acting can have moderate success.

The actor who’s caracter is part of him succeeds. In other words, when the actor truly becomes the caracter, that’s the sign of a great actor.

I remember when my kids would play in a theater show, you would see some kids very uncomfortable. Some of them would play but have a little smile on the corner of their mouth. They would roll eyes sometimes to let others know that they too know it’s silly.

But the kids who really got into their role and played fully were the ones who made it a great play.

It’s not necessarily easy to forget about yourself or what others might think of you.

Those who do it become the best in their craft.

You know you’re going to succeed in Network Marketing the day it becomes a part of you. The day you can’t get it out of your mind. When you made a decision it was going to be the thing you would do for the rest of your life.

When that happened to me, I knew nobody could shake my belief about network marketing.

I could be sitting in front of the president of my country (in my case it’s the Prime Minister) and if he told me those things don’t work… I could stand up straight and with total confidence tell him that if he knew what I know about Network Marketing, he’d be in it.

When that becomes a part of you, it’s just a matter of time.

Making the business a part of you doesn’t guarantee success. You still need to learn the skills and do the work but with a solid foundation in place, everything you do will be done with boldness knowing where you are going.

How to build that belief that you can succeed in network marketing?

You educate yourself.

You study what makes a great network marketer.

You learn the skills necessary to do it like a real professional.

You read or listen to success stories.

MLM success stories have been a great inspiration on my path to success.

Hearing what others had to go through makes you realize you can do it too.

Attend events because they supercharge all of the above. If there’s one secret to faster success it’s this. Attend events because you increase the energy, the impact, the actions. Everything is multiplied. The bigger the event, the more impactful it is.

Still today I go to events to recharge my batteries.

I saw many people become leaders over the years and one thing they had in common was their attendance to events. They built their business from one event to the next.

Until next time, make this business a part of you.

I heard people say Network Marketing is a personal development course with a paycheck.

I believe when you succeed in network marketing, you become a better person. You impact other people’s lives positively and make the world a better place.

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  1. I used to hope I would do well in this business..now I know it’s not so much about hope but rather doing simple , practical, repeatable things on a daily basis. It’s about making NWM almost a routine…ideally an inspired routine but a routine nonetheless. This might not sound very inspirational but it will make anyone a success in this business in the long run.

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