My Story...

"The journey of a network marketer
and his struggles along the way"

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Dear friend and fellow Networker, If you would like to finally make it to the top level and be recognized as a leader... and achieve it even if you've been in the industry for years without too much success to show for your efforts... then this letter is for you.

Here's the story...

Probably like every kid, I was dreaming of a fulfilling, happy and successful life. I knew when I would grow up I would be driving the car of my dreams, living in the house of my dreams and traveling the world.

But unfortunately, for some of us, somewhere along the way we lose sight of our dreams. We begin to think it’s unrealistic to dream that big... or we just try to convince ourselves that what we have is not that bad, that some people are in worst situations than we are and we should appreciate what we have. Bla, bla, bla. That’s how we start to give up on those dreams. We settle for less. We decrease our goals to match our income. It makes us feel less like crap.

Personally, I never gave up on those dreams. Some people think I am stubborn but I think I am just extremely persistent. My father used to own a traditional business and worked long hours to create a substantial income to enjoy in his golden years. That was not what I was looking for.

I wanted to enjoy now!

When I was 16, my father gave me a few books on positive thinking. I was hooked.

The power of thinking big and all these concepts reasoned well with me. From that day, I knew I would become highly successful and once successful, I would teach people how to do the same.

The Dream Steeler

I still remember it like it was yesterday.

I was seventeen years old, sitting in my guidance counselor’s office in Ste-Agathe, Quebec looking Mr. Monette right in his eyes and trying to hold back my anger when he looked up from my “aptitude” test and said . . .

“Stephane, your aptitude test shows that you could be a really good plumber.”

I swear, I wanted to scream.

See, for the last year I had been reading books that told me I could be anything I wanted in life.

And here I was sitting there in Mr. Monette's crappy office telling me that a stupid test would dictate how I would live my life?!!

And at that moment, something in me SNAPPED. And I made a promise to myself that I would prove them wrong. I would go out, become wildly successful and then dedicate my life to help people succeed and never let anyone tell them what they can or can't do. PERIOD!

The next couple years were hard. Many times I let my mind think Mr. Monette was right but I fought my way to believe in me.

The Light

I was 18 years old when I was introduced to network marketing for the very first time.

I was listening to my father explaining a strange concept to some family members. I sat there and listened while he was talking about a method of doing business called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

He drew a bunch of circles on a sheet of paper. He explained that if you recruit 5 who recruit 5 and so on... you'll have an army of people who help others succeed.

I was literally blown away!

For the next several weeks, I was in paradise. The excitement and joy is hard to describe. I had discovered a way to achieve everything I ever wanted in life—by helping others! Here was a way that I could be successful by helping other people be successful. Incredible!

All the books I read on positive thinking and personal development aligned with this vision of helping others and creating success. This was going to be my life…

Little did I know what was going to happen next...

My ambitions were unstoppable. Some people call this "Ignorance on fire".

At the time, I thought the entire industry was Amway. I had better plans... I was going to create a company with no inventory. A company that would collect money from all of your purchases you already make anyway. My idea was simple... make an agreement with a credit card company and sign agreements with businesses to give a percentage of their sales to our loyal group of customers who would drive traffic to their doors.

Against everyone’s advice that a bank would ever do a supposedly "pyramid deal" as they called it, I was 19 years old when I made an agreement with the National Bank of Canada and MasterCard International.

MasterCard Reiso

We spent the next 9 months and $100,000 to modify their computer system to create the first co-branded MLM credit card.

I built a company around this, hired employees, recruited businesses and developed an organization of a little over 10,000 people in the province of Quebec.

The organization was growing faster than the network of businesses and the small percentages from all the purchases we were capturing were not big enough to help people really make any money.

During those years I discovered an entire industry. Thousands of other companies existed. Books and tapes (yes we didn't have CD, DVD, or MP3), seminars and gurus.

I Was Beginning To Lose Hope

In those early days I read books and listened to tapes from “mlm gurus”. I heard of a guy named Randy Gage and decided to call him. After several conversations, I flew to Miami where I consulted with him. We became friends, eating in nice restaurants, driving around in his Viper and playing softball.

He invited me to a major event in California where the “gurus of gurus” would gather for a weekend and present their secrets of success and what the future of the industry was going to be.

This was one of the most captivating events of my life. I met Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Tim Sales and many others. I stayed in touch with them since that day. Great people.

When I returned back home, things started to dwindle. I was not able to continue building my company knowing people would make more money if they joined any other network marketing company. I couldn’t stand on the stage saying this was the best opportunity when I knew it was not.

I focused the next year trying to put together a virtual bank. I had major investors lined-up and we were about ready to implement our master plan. But some things happened… My wife gave birth to our second daughter, my network of 10,000 decreased after months of inactivity and investors required that I invest the next ten years of my life to travel all over the U.S. and Canada and totally dedicate myself to the business. This was corporate style at its worst.

The definition of a dream life and helping others was not what I had envisioned. I was not ready to leave my family and work like a rat.

So I quit!

I decided to leave the corporate world and search the market to join an existing mlm company as a distributor and pursue my passion to help people become successful, and smell the roses along the way.

I Was Just Another Useless Dreamer... A "Loser"

Over those past years, our family business. The business my father had built all his life was in trouble financially. Something unexpected happened and we lost everything.

We were broke!

I remember one day my father took me to the grocery store to buy cans, spaghetti and everything that could last a long time because we didn't know what was going to happen. We had no money, no more bank account, nothing. The only thing that was left was that MasterCard credit card. That card was the only thing left we could use to pay for food and make sure my kids were going to eat for the next... I don't know until when.

I never thought this major failure would affect me that much. Anthony Robins talks about self-sabotage. Well... the next decade became a series of deceptions. I joined several mlm companies, struggled for years trying to re-build myself.

Everything I had learned about success didn't work anymore.

I immersed myself into books and tapes. That was the only positive environment I was in. I felt like I was in this little protected bubble totally ignoring what was around me and what happened. I was safe. This MLM industry with its books, positive thinking and dreamers kept me alive. That's the only place in my life I felt good.

But the reality was... My days of 10,000 people were gone. It seemed to me like it never happened. Why did it work then and now nobody wants to join me? Was it because the story was so good people joined? Maybe it was not me who really was the catalyst behind this success? Maybe I am not that good? Maybe I’m doing it all wrong? Why people don’t want to join? Why those who join do nothing? What am I doing wrong???

I Entered A Period Of My Life Of Questions And Doubts

I heard someone call it "analysis, paralysis". I used pre-approach packets, I did home meetings, hotel meetings, prospected at malls, left flyers on car windshields, created recruiting websites, sent voice mail broadcasts, I called leads until late after midnight for over a year.

At one point I did the math and realized I’d spent $10,069.85 on “info products,” softwares, seminars, ebooks and scams . . .

I Paid Out The Nose For All Those "Garanteed" Courses And Tactics Put Out By Supposed "Gurus"...

I even reached a leadership level in my 3rd company making me a very proud “under paid” professional network marketer.

It kills me even to think about it...

The WORST Day Of My Life (The Day EVERYTHING Changed Forever)

I perfectly remember that day.

Like any other day I came home from work, and right after the kids were in bed, I'd jump to the PC, I'd go filled with fresh hope, staying up till after midnight , endlessly promoting my business, the bags under my eyes and my credit card bill getting ever bigger!

After about 5 years struggling on the internet jumping in 3 different companies, I was getting tired. Even my wife was now doubting that I was ever going to succeed in Network Marketing. I was so desperate to make all those hours night after night to pay off, to have something to show for my efforts . I just wanted to be able to say to my wife "Hey sweety come and see how much we made last month!" To see the look of pride in her eyes, to hear her say " See darling, I told you, you could do it"

I wanted to be proud of what I was doing, to have something to show for it . My measly commission checks were so embarrassing. I cringed every time a friend or family member asked me how much I was making from my "lucrative home based business"- truly sad.

It has to be said though that there were a few times that I started to listen to them, I very nearly gave up .

I can remember many sleepless nights after buying this new course - filled with fresh hope and enthusiasm I'd stay up most of the night reading this course, trying the same old marketing methods I'd been told would fill my pipeline with prospects and sales. I'd grab a few hours sleep (if I could) then off to work the next day, dog tired, but telling myself that it was going to be worth it - this time - a month, three months, years and guess what ..........

..............NOT ONE SUCCESS !

The constant frustration of all those looooooong nights promoting, buying advertising, buying leads, calling people and watching my organization increase by 1 or 2 every 6 months!

(- Aaaaah I could scream . or cry) I always seemed to be doing what the heavy hitters were doing but never getting the results they were getting.

And to make matters worse there waiting for me on the kitchen table, was my credit card bill, and sat next to it, my normally gorgeous wife, giving me 'that' look - the look that would scare Satan himself! "Boy have I got some explaining to do"

She was right. I couldn't put our family's financial future to jeopardy. I had to stop the hemorrhage.

I didn't have money to burn (who does?) so every time I used my credit card I was filled with tremendous guilt. I used to offset this guilt by telling myself that this time it would be different though, I would make enough money this time to pay off the damn credit card, this time....

I remember that day, when the penny finally dropped!

So off I went searching the net for anything that would 'Show me the way'. It wasn't long before I realized that unless someone knew something I didn't, it was going to cost me a small fortune to try to figure it out on my own..... And so my story goes on like this for years. Years of my life, my kids lives, my marriage. I was now very very desperate and near wits end - I have never had a breakdown, but I must have come pretty close to it.

I couldn't stop searching for THE way, because I just couldn't imagine that I was going to quit. I wanted the lifestyle. I wanted to build friendships, help people succeed. Go on exotic locations with like-minded people sharing tips, tricks and tactics.

I wanted to leave a legacy, something I could even do with my kids.

I deserved more than what I was getting!

And I have to tell you. Probably the most motivating factor for me was to prove wrong all those peolpe who said I would fail. And to Mr. Monette. . . my old guidance counselor probably cackling at me from that same office telling me I’d never be anything no matter how hard I tried.

........ and just when I was totally discouraged, something happened.

Friday afternoon, as I was driving home with my family. We could see the house in the distance and my little one, Maïlie, said "Can you believe that we were living in that house before?". She faked that it was our past, that we were now living the life of our dreams. This smart little child had listened to everything I had told her during all those years about success, about creating the life you want in your mind first, about living your dreams.

And right there it hit me . . .

I Was Going To Win No Matter What

What happened next could only be described as amazing . . . would save my marriage, save my family and give me the kind of life and happiness most people can’t even dream of. (A new life where ANYTHING is possible.)

It didn't happen over night of course. The next couple weeks were hell. I kept wracking my brain trying to figure out how to fix things, but nothing would work. But I was determined and knew in my heart that I would make it. I had no choice.

And That's When I Called The "Navy"... And Everything Changed

I was at an event the first time I met him and after all these years I finally decided to give him a call.

He’s not a “guru” (making money selling BS advice to wannabes) but all the big names in MLM talked about him in hushed whispers, got quiet when he walked in the room and treated him like a king.

He likes to help others – in his spare time this guy even creates Non-profits (I kid you not and I didn’t believe it either)

I could give you his real name, but I prefer to tell you my nickname for him was “The Navy”

He worked for five years building an organization and created a $150,000/month income and then retired from building to dedicate himself to help the industry as a whole… whatever he did when he was building, I had to know what he was doing.

So I picked-up the phone and called him. I was so nervous, he must have thought I was on some drugs or something.

I held my breath and told him what I’d been going through . . .the bills . . . the conversations with Claudia . . . everything I’d been DESPERATELY trying to do to get out of debt and get my life on track . . .

I felt like I was at confession. Letting down the “success mask” that I always put on to all the big gurus and marketing people. And I couldn’t believe it when the Navy paused for a long moment that seemed like eternity and said . . .

“Stephane, you’re making this waaaaay more complicated than it needs to be.”

And then he stopped for a second and said:

Get The $1,000 Pack And Let's Get You Started

I pulled together what I had and even borrowed on the last pennies I had on my card to join him. Not going to lie, there were moments that I considered not doing it but then I remembered my daughter's eyes and her sincere belief and confidence in me. I couldn't let her down. I had to prove her daddy was not going to be a failure.

I Bit The Bullet And Took A Chance

And friend, am I Glad that I did…

I’ll never forget... the Navy explained to me that he learned the most valuable lessons while he was in the bomb squad.

The Navy walked him through baby steps through, until he could defuse the most sophisticated nuclear weapon systems in the world.



He followed a step-by-step list of the precise process of defusing a bomb.

When he joined his MLM company, he, along with the help of his downline, created a check sheet--a step-by-step list of the daily activities that a network marketer needs to do to be successful.

The key to winning every day is to precisely track your results in every daily activity that you do, so that you can see where the breakdowns happen, confront those areas and master the skills necessary to be successful. If you track each activity, you can see in an instant where the problems lie.

When You Master The Fundamentals Of The Business, You Attract Success Like A Magnet.

I was sitting in my car on the side of the road to make sure I don't lose connection and he proceeded to explain to me what he was planning to do because he was just starting a brand new team – I was scribbling notes on napkins, note cards, all over the place just trying to soak it all in. This was WHAT I had been searching for. Someone that would show me step-by-step how to make this work.

I don't know about you but buying a program or a course and trying to apply it by yourself is one thing. But when you have the master walking you through the steps, failure is impossible.

Immediately after that call I got to work and I’ve been successful ever since!

I still remember when I cracked open my laptop and showed my wife all the money that was streaming into our bank account.

I remember the tears in her eyes. How she just melted against me and how incredible it felt to know I was going to be able to take care of my family the way I’d always wanted.

That I could finally stop thinking of myself as a “plumber guy.”

That I wasn’t a loser.

That I was going to win.

What Happened Next Was A Fantasy Land 


The Navy showed me how to become a recruiting master.

That’s how I learned to sponsor 8 out of 10 people I talked to.

I learned what it takes to get your new recruits recruiting others fast.

I created a dead simple no-tech lead generation technique to generate 10 leads per day for my team.

It took me months to figure it out. I tried many different ways but one day… I'm saying to myself; "This will work, this will work..." I press the button and ...

Within A Few Hours, Leads Started Flowing Into My Email Box.

All of a sudden, I just couldn't believe my eyes! My email inbox started to receive leads for free!

Seriously, so many people were responding each hour, and I started receiving so many emails, that I had to stop my operations!

Yes, I had too many people to talk to! Can you believe that??? A few hours earlier, I was stuck buying leads and talking to people who received 15 calls before mine. Now THEY were calling me!

I had to start training a couple people because I was not capable of keeping up with the flow of leads coming in! And then I started promoting again. Well, same thing again, two hours later I was getting leads again!

I was ecstatic! The joy you feel inside is indescribable. FINALLY !!!

The first days were so exciting! I was smiling all day long, I just couldn't believe it was finally working!

I'm telling you, you must live this, it is an awesome feeling to reach success after trying and trying for years! I don't know what matters most at that moment, is it seeing the results of my marketing efforts, or the pride of success? Whichever, it is something that not many people experience in their life!

Thanks To My Relationship With The Navy, My Family And I Are Now Creating The Life Of Our Dreams And I'm Helping People Do The Same...

Today, I help people put the pieces of the puzzle together and finally have a breakthrough moment in their MLM career.

If you are tired of small successes and are about to call it quit. Or if you're not happy with your current company, then we may explore the possibility of working together.

But I don't work with everyone. Not because I don't want to but I need to make sure you are ready for this. It will be a big change.

To work with me...

  • Be ready to grow your business NOW. Not two weeks from now or after you've made your New Years resolutions. I'm not saying that maybe you'll grow your business. You absolutely will, and it will happen relatively quickly. You must have your head in the right place and be ready to grow a big profitable business.
  • I prefer that you have at least 1 year MLM experience, 6 months is a bare minimum. There is a substantial wash-out rate during the first 6 months in MLM. Plus I want to make sure that you've had enough time to try the methods that your MLM company is teaching and see first hand that they are not working for you.
  • You MUST have a Business Owner mentality. This is big business! I can't stress that enough. Your MLM company knows that, so do millionaire network marketers. If you got involved with your company just to make a few hundred dollars a month to help cover the mortgage payment, I apologize but this information is not for you.
  • Be prepared to invest time. The powerful tools and information that I'll share with you are changing every rule in MLM and have been for the last several years. However, it's not a magic pill or quick fix. Anyone who tells you that their "training secrets" or "internet tools" or "magic leads" are going to make you rich overnight is full of it. You'll need to dedicate a minimum of 6 hours a week to grow your business.
  • Be prepared to invest financially. Do you need to spend thousands of dollars? Absolutely NOT! However, your business will require some capital before you start making buckets of money, every business does. I personally had to sacrifice a lot to get started. But if I had not, this would have never happened. Thankfully, you won't have to put a second mortgage on the house.  And your investment is a tax deduction. When I followed the right advice, it's been the last time I ever had to worry about investing money in something important in my life.
  • Have an open mind, be TEACHABLE & have a "whatever it takes" mentality. When I pull the curtains back and show you what the wealthiest network marketers have been secretly doing to earn their fortunes, you MUST have an open mind and be teachable. You're going to be exposed to things that you've never seen or heard before. Be prepared to dig in and create that six or seven figure annual income. It's a lot of fun when you have the right tools!

If the criteria above describes you, fill out the section below and I will contact you within 48 hours to discuss our possible partnership. I look forward to speaking with you.

Hate My Job

Stephane Page

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