Should You Attend Your MLM Company Events?

I walked into the room and immediately felt the energy. I talked with several people over the weekend and all said they leave events like these more energised than when they arrived, driven to talk about their ideas with peers or coming up with new ideas with like-minded people.

Network Marketing is built around events. It’s the fuel you need to stay the course. If you want to become a leader, do what leaders do, they attend their company events… and they create their own events.

This weekend people shared case studies and real life examples of how they build their business. This is where you can find that “one little piece of nugget” that makes the difference for you and your business. You hear new ideas and get inspired to take action. Sometimes you get in front of a wall and don’t know where else to go. New ideas can inspire you to go the extra mile that will create a breakthrough.

Obviously, networking is probably one of the most important piece of events. You get to meet new people from various backgrounds whom you can call later if you have a prospect that can relate to them. But most importantly it’s what solidifies your business. People quit companies but they don’t quit friends.

If you are not staying up to date, you are behind. Events give you access to the latest information that can help you create momentum by instilling anticipation from your prospects. You can come back with the latest news and get them on the waiting list for the next product launch. This is what the big boys do, they pre-launch and get so much anticipation that when the new product gets to the market, they sell more than anyone else.

Have you ever told someone about something and then said “but you can’t get it because it’s not released yet”. Yes… they want it even more. And best of all, you don’t feel like selling because you have nothing to sell.

What you get from those presentations is an opportunity to create content on your website or through an email newsletter. Keep the momentum going, get people excited about new ideas. Share what you learned and you will attract people to you. This is what I’m doing here. I get one piece of information that I share with you and further build our relationship. Over time, people know, like and trust me. And who do you think they do business with?… Now you know what to do.

What if I shared with you how I target the next event and build a team in that location before I even fly there. You could pay for your trip and jump start your business when you attend your company events… Complete the form on the right to get 25 leads. This is the strategy I use and target the local market of the up-coming event.

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