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Before you start reading, I have to tell you that when I do something it needs to be fun otherwise I prefer not to do it.

I own a couple companies but I’ll talk about the two I prefer here… my vacation business (rental) and my personal franchise.

My Vacation Business…

My father started renting snowmobiles many years ago and me and my brother Martin continued expanding the business in other areas such as boat rental, motorcycles, Dune-Buggies, etc.

Here’s a video we did of the different summer vehicles we have. You’ll see my family on the video:

We receive thousands of people each year in our rental centers. They come to visit Canada and expect to see beautiful ladnscapes, lakes, forests, rivers, animals, etc. Our business is to create memories that last a lifetime. And we’re proud of ourselves for all the happy smiles we receive from our customers when they leave our place and go back home sharing their stories.

These are a few pictures from us playing with our “toys”.

My Personal Franchise…

I help people set-up their own business from their home and show them exactly how to start, expand and manage a large business from anywhere they want allowing them lots of free time for things that are more important in their lives.

I agree with Robert Kiyosaki who says that

life is more important than money, but money is important for supporting life. He often said, “You only have so many hours in a day and you can only work so hard. So why work hard for money? Learn to have money and people work hard for you, and you can be free to do the things that are important.”

This is one of the main reasons I chose to help people start their own business. I don’t look to help people earn a few hundred dollars per month. They can do that anywhere. I’m more interested in helping people create total financial freedom.

Now here’s the interesting part:95% of the people that we’ve helped create a $2,000 monthly business or more, and who have worked with us at least 10 years, have developed to a position where the average income in 2007 was over $500,000. This is a serious six-figure income potential for the right person – some are already earning seven-figures annually as a direct result of this project’s expansion.

Now I know that some of you wonder how we do this. Well you’ll need to investigate more than just reading this page but at least the serious ones have things to think about. I don’t know many places where statistics are that high.

Here’s what a typical day look like in my personal franchise… Early in the morning I cast a glance around my living room in the Canadian mountain, then move across the hallway to my home office. Only ten minutes remain until my first conference of the day.

That morning I speak with three of my top associates (and friends) in a nationwide video conference call where we discuss strategies to reach new goals. Later, 1,500 new customers reviewed one of my videos and then accessed a broadcast over my business website and, with a push of a button, sent my weekly newsletter by e-mail to thousands of people.

Before the morning is out, I have accomplished work that a decade earlier would have taken me months–all in time for lunch and all without leaving my home.

Later, I walk down into the mountain that surround my home. I’m ready for a break.

I’d come a long way in the last fifteen years, when I opened my first business. Today I’m able to help friends create a business of their own without risking capital or go through a big learning process. My network of friends and collegues across the globe allows me constant opportunities for business growth and vacation as I expand, and when I don’t feel like traveling, I can conduct my business here from my office at home. I discovered a new way to integrate my lifestyle into my business. All because I had heard about a new way of doing business like what’s being explained TeamEliteAdventure:

With today’s technologies, you can be in Canada or in Hawaii and still do business. Me and my wife spend a lot of time with our three daughters and it’s only because my businesses provide me a lot of freedom.

Feel free to contact me to evaluate how you could do the same. I love helping people.

Stephane Page

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