4 MLM Recruiting Steps Most People Miss

MLM Recruiting mini-mastersIf you miss on any one of those, you’re making your MLM recruiting career too hard.

Most of the time, prospects can easily detect if they are going to be pitched. Who likes to be pitched anyway?

While this can be true for newbies, it’s just the exact opposite for leaders. It seems like they say the same things but prospects don’t feel like they’re being sold.

I’ve seen it happen so many times but I just couldn’t get my finger on it. What was it that they were doing that I was not.

Going from being a shy person, always in fear of what people would say, not able to sell a single product to eventually breaking records in my company for highest conversion and retention of customers on products, I’m now amazed how simple the formula is but so few people understand it or apply it to make their mlm recruiting skyrocket.

A few years ago my daughters got involved into gymnastic. They loved it! And I can tell you, they are pretty good too. Well, which parent doesn’t think their kid is good 🙂

But one day, as I picked them up from the gym, they brought with them the big box. You know the one… With 100 bars of chocolate. Ok, maybe not 100 but it was way more than what I felt we could sell.

It reminded me of my days as a kid being rejected for the first time. I was going door-to-door trying to peddle my chocolate bars. I hated every moment of it.

Well, this time my wife was there to save me. She took the lead and said “let’s go see the family!” She took the kids, drove around town to see my parents, grand-parents, uncles, cousins, etc. In less than 60 minutes they ran out of stock!!!

My Daughter Taught Me The Greatest Lesson of my MLM Recruiting Career

I was amazed! How could it be so easy? My older daughter (she was 7 at the time) taught me the greatest lesson of my mlm recruiting career that night.

She said, “Dad, it was easy, I went straight to my target market, qualified them, invited and presented and took the orders.”

Ok, ok, I know what you think. She didn’t say exactly that but what she described to me was the perfect process of effective mlm recruiting. Here’s what she said:

“Daddy it’s eaaaaasy, I just asked them if they liked chocolate.”

“That’s it?” I said.

“Nooooo daddy. (grin)” and she continued, “if they said yes, I asked if they would like to encourage me!”

“And then what?”, with the look she gave me, she thought I was just trying to make myself interested in her. But I was beginning to calculate the number of years left before she turns 18 and recruit her into the business 😉

She replied “Common daddy, you know, it’s simple…. We need money to buy more gymnastic equipments and I asked them which one is their favorite flavor.”

Here’s a recap…

The first thing my wife did is she identified their target market. It’s not everyone. It could be strangers but it takes time to find the ones really interested (that’s how I got my first experience as an mlm recruiting stud). It’s people who like chocolate and want to encourage our daughters. Family is the number 1 target market.

Right there, I could already feel how simpler my mlm recruiting chocolate ninja tactics could be, if I went directly to my target market.

Then, if you remember, she asked the target market a qualifying question: Do you like chocolate?

NOTE: If someone answers no and you keep going on with your mlm recruiting presentation, don’t you think you’re making your job too hard?

She then went on with the invite line: would you like to encourage me?

The next step is to present. You want to give them the information they need to make a decision. She explained “We need money to buy more gymnastic equipments and I asked them which one is their favorite flavor.”

The 4 components are:
1- Identify your Target Market
2- Qualify
3- Invite
4- Present

If you talk to the wrong people, you’re going to waste a lot of time. If you don’t qualify, you’ll be giving information to people who have no interest. If you don’t invite, you’ll appear as if all that counts is your own interest. If you jump right into presenting skipping all the steps, you’ll be like the majority of networkers who make their mlm recruiting approach hard on everyone.

I recorded a video that shows you how to Get MLM Leads that allows my team to use the Internet to attract, qualify and deliver our message to a large audience of interested prospects. You can use it to easily recruit the right kind of people into your own MLM business. This is just “intelligent” marketing. So stop chasing people down the street, watch our video tutorials as they show you click-by-click how to drive lots of free traffic to your web site in a matter of days and get qualified prospects to talk to! That’s how you will become one of the next MLM Success Stories!

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10 thoughts on “4 MLM Recruiting Steps Most People Miss”

  1. I like the story and the analogy, this type of teaching resonates with me and I believe would with many others as well.

  2. Hi, STephane,

    Great contents and to the point!

    I agree with you that Network Marketing is not for everyone. The sooner one realize this, the easier is the job. As your daughter said, it is easy! This is especially so if there is a way to get qualified leads.

    Keep inspirating, Stephane 🙂

    I love the content as well as the photos!

    Viola Tam

  3. Great story and lesson… I was looking for something like the “The 4 components”, I mean, it is almost obvious it is required… instead of hitting everyone…

    I have just started MLM (8days)… got into a MLM ideology crisis (did not want to hurt people) and paralyzed… then found Tim Sales videos (felt better) .. then found your site …

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