I Don't Have Any Money

I don't have any moneyOne of my contacts sent me this email:

“It seems everything I click or view asks for a monetary commitment and since money is an issue in my life at this time, I am not sure how to prioritize all the data collected in the last two days.  Suggestions?”


The reason you can’t go any further in learning is because you exhausted all that a person really needs to know before getting started. Actually you know more than any prospect I have ever had 😉

Next step would be to go over the training and put everything together so we can launch your business.

Now let’s talk about this other issue…

No money.

I can feel your pain and I know how much you want to be in the business to be able to afford to live by the lake and I want to help you. I will probably be too assertive and I appologize if that’s the way I come across but I have to tell you this, if I care about you.

Here’s how I view this… If you still have a cell phone, a TV, more apparels than you really need. If you have anything that is not earning you $10k/month, then you DO have money to start.

I made bigger sacrifices than that to get the business I now have. To give you some perspective, let me tell you a story…

My daughter really wanted an iPod. We said no. She collected cans and paid for her own iPod. If a 9 year-old kid can collect $200 with cans in a small village………….

I appoligize if I made you feel that I’m over you or make you feel bad but we have bigger plans for you. Don’t let a few hundred dollars stand in the way of your goals. There are bigger problems in life than this. And letting time pass by and not accomplishing your goals is one of those. If you and I are going to work together, we gotta be stronger than this. We can’t let small stuff get in the way. We gotta act quick and move to the next problem and handle that other one quickly too. That’s the only way we will get you out of this trap that you’re in.

You confessed to me the other day that you are not where you thought you’d be at this time in your life. Somewhere along the way you let life take longer to deliver what you want and you can’t accept this anymore. The only way things are going to change is by making decisions that are out of your habits. You need to break this cycle and move into prosperity.

Once you’re in the zone, your life is going to change. YOU will dictate what you expect out of life.

Are you ready to get in the zone NOW? Then let’s handle that small little bug and let’s face bigger bugs together and afford yourself to live by that lake of yours with peace of mind… let’s start to accomplish.

All the best,

Stephane Page
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Stephane Page

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