How To Record Your Calls For Free

record callsThe proper formula to make effective phone calls should be followed, but how can you be completely sure you’re following the formula?

Record your calls! The best way to improve your communication skills is to record yourself making calls, both in practice and in live prospecting. Then you can see if you’re doing something like talking too much or being too assertive, etc. You can also talk to your sponsor or teammates to see if they notice anything about your conversations.

Plan to spend twice as long analyzing the recording as it took to record your call. Once you’ve adjusted to hearing yourself on recordings, set aside sufficient time to analyze it, about thirty minutes to review a fifteen minutes call. As you start to analyze the recording, remember to focus on your strengths as well as aspects needing improvement. The problem areas are likely to jump out at you, but don’t overlook those things that you are doing well: being interested in your prospect, not what you will say next; handling questions properly; and so on.

On this video I will show you a tool I’m using to record my calls for free.

Thinking you did well is not enough. Recording yourself will reveal things you didn’t even know existed. Look for ways you can improve. This technique is commonly used by the best networkers in the world. In fact, every discipline in the world, whether olympic athletes or public speakers, use this technique.

If you’re doing a presentation in public, setup a camera in the corner of the room, and record yourself doing your presentation.

When you watch the video, you’ll probably be surprised by what you see. Take notes.

After you review the recording, go back to the training and you will have a whole new perspective on the training. Because you now experienced it, you will pick up more details.

Now if you want even better results, find someone who’s more talented or skilled than you, and invite them to watch your video or listen to your calls and give you feedback. Have another speaker watch your speech. They’ll be able to point out even more ways you can improve. Even a single minute of footage can reveal volumes. Take their advice.

It may take a bit of courage to show your video or audio to someone you perceive as an expert, but you will experience rapid growth by using this simple technique.

You can even turn this into a group project. Invite everyone to record their calls (with their permission of course), and review the recordings together. Then invite an upline leader for feedback and suggestions to help each team member improve. Five minutes of audio + five minutes of feedback = ten minutes per person. If people truly want to improve, they should generally welcome this kind of feedback, as they’ll gain many new ideas for improvement and become aware of blind spots that are hurting them.

Get on the phone and start to record your calls.

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