How To Hypnotize Your Prospects To Buy

Hypnotize caught your attention, right? It can have the wrong signification so let me clarify here…

First, you certainly don’t want your prospects to do something that is not in their best interest. But what you DO want is to make sure you help them see how your product can help them if that’s what they need. That’s where “hypnotize your prospect to buy” comes in…

One of my mentors once told me “It’s not a crime to give people what they need.” So make sure you know the psychological triggers that get people to change their minds. Because sometimes, that’s exactly what they need.

And if you master what I’m about to share with you, you will feel like you’ve hypnotized them because they will completely change their mind and behavior after they speak with you.

Understand this… Before you can explain why your product is the solution, people need to first be aware that there is a need for the product.

We discovered that people go through certain phases and it’s always the same. They have to become aware of a subject before they can become educated in a subject before they can take responsibility for the subject. So, it always goes – awareness, education and then to responsibility.

awareness, education and responsibility triangleThe reason that someone cannot hear the information that you’re saying oftentimes is because they’re not educated to even know what to listen for.

Your task consist of opening your prospect’s mind to the idea of being in control of their health (if you’re marketing a health product). You see, the biggest challenge is this – the prospects that you’re talking to, if they could be healthy, they already would be.

We discovered that those who take supplements know and understand things others don’t. You have to educate them enough so they can take responsibility. But the first task is to create awareness. Otherwise, they won’t even be open to receive education on the subject.

If you want to create awareness, get them to see what’s happening to them and around them. You must help create the need, by pointing out the problem… and “agitating” (eg. consequences).

You’re going to have prospects who don’t even realize they have the problem that your product can solve, so before you make a sale, you must first build the case that they have a problem, and need to do something about it.

There are much more people who are not targeted (not aware) than there are who are targeted. And your ability to reach out to and convert those who are actually less targeted is crucial. Why? Because there is much more of them.

And to do that, it involves making the prospect aware of a problem they’re not already aware of, and making that problem highly personal. Getting them to realize it has a much bigger impact on their lives than they realize.

Once this is achieved, your prospect will become hungry for solutions. They will search and request information that can help them solve their newly found problem.

This is what I call “Give them the headache, and then sell them the aspirin”.

But most people do it all wrong.

They try to sell the aspirin to someone who doesn’t even know they have a headache.

When designing a presentation, keep in mind who you may be presenting to.

Don’t jump into a lecture mode of why your company or your product is the best. Make sure your prospect is hungry to find a solution to their problem firs.


The following preview creates awareness. Most people will reach out to buy the video because they now discovered a problem and are reaching out for education on the subject:

To your success,
Stephane Page

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