How To Get MLM Leads With Facebook Ads

Network Marketing Las Vegas

The most successful strategies to generate lots of leads were revealed during this weekend in Las Vegas.

I just returned back from this trip with my wife where we met with our team. And you know how energized you are after an event like that…

We didn’t sleep much… well you know… it’s Vegas!

Me and my wife hung out with Tim Sales and his wife. We talked about family, big ambitions, played casino and took lots of pictures on the street of Las Vegas 🙂
Tim Sales & Stephane Page

The weekend was dedicated to the latest online and offline tactics to build our Network Marketing business. Things like…

  • Facebook PPC (How to generate 720 leads on autopilot from 1 ad),
  • Meet-Up events (How to get 17 strangers to show-up to your event)
  • A Facebook Wall Post that create instant sales (Marilee shared her secret to sponsor 4 people in 24 hours with one simple post on Facebook. And she did it again when she came back home!).
  • How to make one sale that goes viral and multiplies by 20 sales in a few hours.

Many more things were shared but I have to tell you that the camaraderie is what I enjoy the most. It’s great to be able to build my business from any remote location with an internet connection like I do, but connecting with your people in person is important… and fun. There are things that you can’t share just behind a camera, a phone call or a blog post.

I met an old friend of mine who worked with me in my first MLM company almost 20 years ago. He owns a video production company and proposed that we film my Facebook training session. You can get the entire Facebook 4 hour-training DVD and watch it at home to start generating leads the next day.

During this training I walk you through the steps of:

  • Creating your “customer avatar” (how to get very targeted prospects that resonate with your message and want to join or buy from you).
  • How to create an ad (how to use the right image, title and description that hypnotize people to click).
  • How to specifically get your ad in front of people who are ready to buy.
  • How to spend less and get more leads.
  • How to scale your ads to multiply the number of leads.
  • I show you real-life case studies of ads that are working for us right now!
  • The exact ad Arlene has been running for the last 6 months to generate 4 leads a day and what she did to sponsor new members each month from this ad alone.
  • The Facebook post Marilee uses to get new members on her team in less than 24 hours (highly duplicatable).

The whole weekend cost us $1,000 for plane ticket, room, meals, event pass, etc. You can get the entire Facebook 4 hours training session for $97 until I increase it to $497. I personally paid close to $2,000 in various training programs combined, to learn what I’m teaching in this video training. And you’ll get all the little details, ads we used, everything relevant to what’s working now!

When you think about the number of leads you will generate and divide this by the cost per lead… For Arlene it means $97 divided by 720 leads = 0.13¢ a lead! And she keeps on getting leads as we speak. AND that’s just from ONE ad!





8 thoughts on “How To Get MLM Leads With Facebook Ads”

  1. “I look forward to getting this piece of training to build my business leads funnel. I also want to let you know how appreciative I am to have access to the Saturday training calls, and the training videos you post on Upline Updates. It’s an incredible learning and motivational reasource to utilize as I learn the how tos of our business- successfully of course! So different than the MLM business I was in before. Perhaps that’s why they failed, and went out of business soon after I quit!
    Thanks once again,

    Maurci Martin”

    1. Hi! I´m new in this blog and very excited at all that is happening, but still wanting to reach more people to check out this new technology.

      Thanks a lot for all your advices!!!
      Daniel Aranda.

  2. I want to purchase this training, I am in Nigeria in west Africa. So I want to know how to I will get the training after I have made the payment
    Thank you

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