Brilliant Compensation Movie Updated Version

Tim Sales MLM expert finally released his new version of the Brilliant Compensation movie. This is the movie that’s been watched by millions of people worldwide and embraced by professionals to present to their peers in a logical way, without the hype, what the business is all about. No fluff, no hype, just straight facts and a much more professional perspective on our business.

Brilliant Compensation Movie

A little bit of history on the Brilliant Compensation movie…

Tim Sales initially created the video because he was traveling to many cities to deliver his presentation. The effectiveness of his presentation was so great that leaders from other companies started to ask him if he would allow them to use it. That’s when he created the Brilliant Compensation movie as a generic tool to bring more clarity to an industry that is very misunderstood.

The Brilliant Compensation movie also served in court to defend the legitimacy of the industry. Many people credit Tim’s movie for helping them see the MLM business from a different angle. And today, professionals, high level executives and business owners credit the Brilliant Compensation movie for their decision to participate in the business.

Since that first release, Tim Sales added a new dimension to the use of the Brilliant Compensation movie. He embraced the internet and allowed people to use it online, making it easier and less expensive than the tape cassette or DVD.

How does the Brilliant Compensation movie compare to other prospecting tools?

I personally used his movie in my prospecting strategy. I measured it against many other presentation tools provided by my company or by top leaders and it never failed me. Brilliant Compensation has always been the best tool to convert suspects into real prospects.

Once my prospects watch it, they are the ones asking me about my products and company. It makes the process so much easier that I now refuse to present the business to people who haven’t watched the movie first. Call me lazy, I just think it’s the best use of my time to only talk to those that have been educated on the business and got their biggest questions answered than it is to try to convince uninterested prospects to change their mind about something.

Should you use the Brilliant Compensation movie?

My suggestion is to try it yourself. Next time you have a prospect in mind, send them the link to watch the Brilliant Compensation movie and tell them you want to get their feedback. You will be amazed how open-minded your prospects suddenly are.

Why would you try to convince, twist and arm and a leg and then answer objections when you can actually let a movie do that job for you. I have seen leaders refuse to promote that movie simply because it was not done by them. Well… are you in business to make a profit or to spend your time using tools that are less effective.

I still used the old version until September 2011. Even if it was out of date, the content was so effective that it out-performed any other tool to present my MLM business. But now that we have the new update version, nobody has any excuses to be successful at presenting their business the proper way. The Brilliant Compensation movie is the best tool in my toolbox.

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6 thoughts on “Brilliant Compensation Movie Updated Version”

  1. Cordial Saludo

    Llego a mis manos un vídeo antes que este en donde Tim Sales habla del modelo de negocio, y que hizo el vídeo como una herramienta diseñada para educar a las personas sobre un concepto de negocio.

    Esto quiere decir que se puede usar el vídeo y compartirlo a través de la web. Lo digo por que es mu educativo.


  2. Please give me access to Tim’s new version of Brilliant Compensation that my prospects can view online. Thank you. And please don’t send me any unrelated info.

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