Best MLM Products To Sell

When you look for the best MLM products to sell, what criteria do you look for?

One of them is obviously value. How does the product benefit the customer. How effective it is.

Another one is price.

On this last one, many network marketers struggle to justify the price. Especilly in the network marketing arena.

Network marketing is an industry known for creating the best mlm products.

Many innovations came from the best network marketing companies.

Best MLM products to sell doesn’t mean best prices.

You have to look at the positives and negatives of selling high quality or low quality products.

The best MLM companies know that:
– When you sell cheap products, you have to replace those customers all the time because there’s always new deals elsewhere. There’s no sustainability.

– Customers who get an amazing experience become passionate about your products and create a natural viral word-of-mouth promotion. You can’t say the same thing with cheap products. You put your name and reputation behind a cheap product. Although you WOULD feel proud to represent first class.

A few years ago I heard Paul Zane Pilzer, Noble Prize Winning Economist talk about prices. He referred to Quality vs Quantity.

People will initially enter an industry with the cheapest product. They will buy the cheapest computer or the cheapest television. They will buy many cheap things (quantity). Once they’ve got an experience, they will want a better experience and will look for “quality”.

Companies that sell cheap products lose customers for companies that offer better quality. That’s why corporations like Toyota will have multiple brands. They know their Toyota customers will eventually want better quality and buy a Lexus (Toyota’s luxury brand). Mercedes customers on the other side will buy a new Mercedes because they are loyal to the quality.

Best MLM ProductsPeople start to take a supplement that makes them feel 10 years younger, they now wonder if they can find one that will make them feel 20 years younger.

Those highend customers are loyal. They’re not loyal to price, they’re loyal to quality.

So if you’re going to create a business, always start with the end in mind.

Why The Best MLM Products Are More Expensive?

Do you want true walk-away residual income and leave a legacy or do you want to always have to rebuild your business all the time?

Too many people get in Network Marketing with the thought of residual income but all they’re really after is the quick cash. They think the best mlm product to sell is the one most people can afford and sell large quantities.

When you look at the profit margin from the best mlm products, those that provide the best results and the repeat sales you get from satisfied customers who purchase over and over, you soon realize the medium to long term profits generated out-pace the short term mass appeal.

I too wanted to make money quickly but what I wanted more than anything else was to do it ONE time. Only one time.

I was willing to grind it and work at it and sweat tears once, but only do it once.

After 20 years in this industry I recognize that the best mlm companies, those who are still around and have the largest sales created the best mlm products.

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Stephane Page
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