Ariix Shannen merger

The ARIIX Shannen merger was the fastest acquisition up to then in the ARIIX history.

And they never met in person!

Everything was done during the COVID19.

It had been a few months since ARIIX was working to launch a cosmetic product line.

The story behind ARIIX Shannen merger

I happen to know all the behind-the-scene because I brought the two companies together.

A few years ago, I heard one of the ARIIX reps brought a company to merge. I thought I should do the same one day.

I made it a point that I would acquire companies. As a matter of fact, I would do just like the owners of ARIIX. They built a downline, they brought in leaders and built leaders from scratch, they opened markets, they acquired companies and they owned a piece of the company. So why not me?

From that day, I’ve done most of the above. I developed leaders, found leaders, opened South Korea, grew teams in Europe and around the world and now acquired an MLM company and opened Indonesia with the acquisition of ARIIX Shannen.

The ARIIx Shannen would have never happened If I pre-judged

shannen ariix noni newage

On January 15, 2020 I was reading a Network Marketing Magazine and stumbled upon an article about a couple who built a huge business in Indonesia. Their story was quite inspiring but this issue of the magazine was from 2017. I know people change. Things happen and they leave the industry or move to another company. I wondered if they were still involved.

I reached out to the husband on Facebook and he immediately answered. Fortunately he spoke english.

In our discussion, he told me we should open our company in Indonesia.

I told him the fastest way to do that is to acquire an existing local MLM company.

He told me he flew to the U.S. to bring a local company to merge with a U.S. based company but it didn’t come to fruition.

I reached out to Fred Cooper about this and he told me the sales numbers were too small.

When I gave my new friend the minimum numbers required to acquire a company, he said no company who’s already producing those numbers would want to merge because they’re already successful.

We went back and forth for a little over a month and he came back with another company to propose to ARIIX.

Here were the numbers he gave me:

They have 800,000 people as distributors.

Active members are around 100,000.

Their Sales since January 2019 to 2020 is around $47 Million.

The company started about 1 year 3 months ago.

Soft Opening was 20 Dec 2018 and Grand Launch was 02 Nov 2019.

I was in Hawaii when we introduced the owners of Shannen to Fred Cooper. It was February 28th 2020.

ariix shannen webinar

For the next few months, I spoke many times a week with Indra and Dina, Dana and Selvia.

Dina said that her mom is very famous in Indonesia. She is one of the biggest leaders in their country.

Dina and her brother Dana studied in Europe. Dina has always been interested in cosmetics. She would collect all kinds of brands and test them out.

One day she told her mom she would like to create a cosmetic line.

Her mom suggested to do it through Network Marketing.

Her brother was also building in MLM and together, the three of them, founded Shannen.

In 15 months they built the fastest MLM in the history of Indonesia.

Selvia (the mother) would pick up the phone, call someone and 1,000 people would join that week.

They ad 12,000 people at their first launch event.

Fast-forward to June 22, 2020 and ARIIX Shannen merger was announced welcoming the Shannen brand into the ARIIX house of brands.

This is a 4-hour ARIIX Shannen webinar they did on June 28th where Fred Cooper and I were invited to speak and welcome the Shannen family to ARIIX:

This is now the opening of ARIIX in Indonesia!

Some useful resources:

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Press Release:

Welcome ARIIX Shannen to Indonesia!

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