ARIIX Leaders – Bill Harloff from Construction to MLM

Bill was in construction and Real estate investment and he took a serious downturn along with the market in 2007. That’s when he was introduced to network marketing.

He’s been a full time Network Marketing professional since then and he’s made over $1 million¹ in this industry.

On this Success Panel Live Interview, you will hear his story from his early beginning to his story that helped him become an ARIIX Top Leader.

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Stephane Page
Canada: 819-321-9385
USA: 310-601-8262
Skype: stephpage

P.S. Watch the story of my journey towards creating passive income and becomes an ARIIX Leader.


1.Results shown are not typical. Please see our Average Earnings Disclosure Statement: Not everyone will becomes one of the ARIIX leaders as it takes dedication and efforts.

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