Ariix Korea Opening Celebration

I’m taking you behind the scene on my most recent trip to South Korea.

DAY 1: Heading to Korea this morning… I’m ready for a 19 hours trip.

ariix south korea luggage
I love to travel light. One carry-on luggage allows me to exit the airport quickly. And I’m never afraid of lost luggage. Have you ever found yourself wondering what you’re forgetting to put in your luggage? I don’t. My secret: A travel list. Everything I need is on that list. I print a new list each time I have to pack for a new trip. And my list is organized by room in the house. I don’t go running around the house. I go to one room, pick everything and never have to make the trip back to that room.

Ariix Korea

Although YJ (Ariix General Manager of South Korea) is always taking care of me and picking me up at the airport, the other best way to travel from the airport to your hotel is the bus.

I stay at the COEX Intercontinental and they have a non-stop shuttle bus.

How about Jet lag?

The trick is to not sleep. I leave home in the morning and arrive in South Korea the next day in the evening. By the time I’m getting to my room for the night I’ve been up for 24-26 hours. It is morning in my home time zone. I would normally not be tired but because I’ve been up for so many hours, I’m tired and can now be adjusted to the Korea time zone.

Next day I’m fully rested and ready to fire 🙂

DAY 2: Event after event after event.

ariix korea meeting
Lunch with the Ariix Korea executive team before the Launch Celebration


ariix south korea meeting
The preparation before getting on stage. Some people just have it easy 🙂


The room is warming up. The excitment is building. People are in line at the door, the music is on, the lights are flashing everywhere, the translators are testing their microphones, the cameras are ready. It’s now our turn! Jeez this is exciting!!

I have to pinch myself to believe what’s happening.

A few short years ago, things didn’t look good. I was working my MLM business with not much success. I paid the price many times. I bought all these programs. I watched people walk on stage by-passing me. I was a nobody in a room.

And here I am. Looking at this room. 95% of them are on my team.

Here’s a glimpse at the Opening Ceremony in Korea… Really proud of my partners who built a team with thousands of people. From a small meeting of 200 people in July to 720 people showing up for this event 2 months later. Wow!

MLM Korea

My first speech with simultaneous translation. This can be distracting when people react to your last sentence once you’re already on your next one.  Telling your story inspires people all around the world. Wether you’re in America or Asia, people need to hear you’re just like them.

Ariix Korea Recognition

Recognition is an important part of the business. And the Ariix Korea team is doing an amazing job at that. They pay attention to recognize our leaders at every important event. People need to know we honour their achievement.

ariix south korea leaders
Some of the top leaders in Ariix Korea. Notice one of the leaders wearing a historic dress. Women wear those during special occasions like weddings or an event like that day.

The event after the event. We’ve had a special dinner with our top leaders and the executive team.

ariix korea dinner

DAY 3: One of my good friend and partner in Ariix Korea took me on a tour of the city.

mlm korea restaurant
On this picture I have no idea what’s about to happen. Jun had me try Samgyupsal (삼겹살!), (Spicy Soy Bean paste Soup) 된장 찌개 and Ojingeo Buchimgae (오징어 부침개)… Last one is like a korean pancake.


mlm korea restaurants
This was Jun and I still good friends.


mlm korea spicy food
And this is the “after” picture. Of course he’s going to say it was not that spicy 😀 My skin tone doesn’t agree though.

Jun taking me around the city and into the street markets.

Make MLM friends all around the world. You will discover places like you’ve never seen.

DAY 4: Last day at the Ariix Korea office

I stopped by the office before heading back to the airport. Meetings are going on each day, all day. In Korea, people use the corporate office to meet with prospects at all hours of the day and night.

Each time I’ve been to the office, the rooms are filled. There are multiple meetings going on. Wether it’s one-on-ones, business opportunity presentations or training sessions.

ariix korea leader
YJ took me out for lunch at a great restaurant next door to the Ariix office. Everything tasted great. I really like Asian food when someone can guide me.


ariix compensation plan
We concluded the day with an explanation of how our plan pays $200k annually versus $88k for the same volume, which is typically a Diamond position in most companies. Quite an interesting revelation. Of course, you should always refer to the Average Earnings Chart when looking at numbers. Income is always based on each individual’s performance.

Wrap-up of my trip with Ariix Korea:

I would love to get your feedback. Leave your comments below about Ariix Korea…

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Did you get my  4-part prospecting videos on How To Recruit 5+ Reps Into Your Business Each Month. This is one of the most important skill that allowed me to succeed around the world and in Ariix Korea.

14 thoughts on “Ariix Korea Opening Celebration”

  1. It’s amazing how we can build with people from all over the world these days.It makes it easier to work more directly with your business partners then it did many years past. I had a great time.. Thanks for letting me show you around Stephane.

    1. A few years ago, I dreamed of traveling the world to meet my friends and partners and build teams with them. Well here I am!

      You and I Jun have been on Skype doing videoconferences for a few months prior to this trip. We were already buddies when we met in person for the first time. I agree, technologies allow us to build so much more easily.

      And thanks for the tour! Looking forward to your trip to Canada!

  2. Congratulations! It appears that you are doing
    very well and having great trips and experiences.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. C’est très cool de voir un résumé de ton voyage et l’expérience que tu vis. Tu explique les choses si bien qu’on peut imaginer facilement comment ça se passe. C’est cool quand tu partage ça avec nous!

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