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On June 16, 2014 ARIIX introduced The ARIIX Founders Club. It is the most prestigious and high-level ranking that a Representative can achieve in the entire industry of network marketing.

Companies owners typically keep all the profits and make all the decisions. Sometimes, they are not the best to decide what’s good for the field and they often forget to share the profits with leaders who helped them get where they are now.

The invitation to join the ARIIX Founders Club is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the direct selling industry–the perfect balance of being a Representative with the privileges of a founder.

Transcript of The ARIIX Founders Club Video:

As the industry leader in innovation, Ariix has broken new ground time and again to improve the reputation of the direct selling industry and enrich the lives of our representatives.

The Ariix founders club is beyond innovation. It will forever change who is at the top of multilevel Marketing.

This prestigious invitation is your chance to become more than an Ariix leader. You will be an industry icon because of your unprecedented rights and powers. As the backbone in the face of Ariix in your country, bringing so many to this organization, sharing your talents and Unleashing The Human Potential For Good, you will have a seat at the Ariix executive table.

You will bridge the gap between the company and the field and shape the future of Ariix in matters such as policy changes, promotions, product pricing and compensation plan modifications. More than that, you’ll serve as an advocate, an intermediary for representatives in your country, with the power to help make critical decisions.

You will even have the ability to overturn representative terminations. This serves as a check-in balance measure preventing Ariix from being the sole judge and jury if you read the fine print in other MLM companies representative agreements, you’ll see that the company wins every time.

In other companies, if you achieve a high-level success, they’re financially motivated to be a vigilant prosecutor to find a way to terminate your contract keeping your sales organization and your commissions for their profit while leaving you nothing.

Ariix’s compensation plan is designed so that we do not financially benefit from the termination of any of our representatives.

In fact the Ariix Founders Club and Bill of Rights give power back to the field. If a top representative in your market is terminated based on a contractual violation, they have the right to appeal to the Founders Club Members for balance reevaluation to possibly overturn the decision.

The ultimate compensation in the Ariix Founders Club is sharing in your markets profits. YOUR reward for being so instrumental in our success. We offer the Ariix Founders Club Members a 50/50 split of the profits after the first 10% of sales.

Not only is this unprecedented in the multilevel marketing industry… It’s unheard of in any industry.

Your share of the profits isn’t measured in months or years. Your profits are extended beyond a lifetime and they can be passed on to your family. You’ll literally be able to pass the benefits of your hard work on through generations.

Invitation to join Ariix comes by unanimous vote from all of the Ariix Founders based on five criteria whose requirements are as important as their order.

1) Personal character
2) Contractual compliance
3) Leadership
4) Field reputation
5) Earnings.

Great personal character is the most important of all. Over the years that we work with you, your character will manifest itself especially in difficult situations. Members of the Founders Club are exemplary representatives that we can easily work with, who can see issues from both corporate side and the field side.

The third is leadership, which refers to how you’ve grown your business and how you’ve created a network of successful representatives beneath you. We don’t want someone whose business is growing because they got lucky by finding more successful representatives. We want someone who knows how to lead people to the next level.

Next is reputation, which is how you are respected among your peers in the field. Your reputation is more than being esteemed, it means that your name in the community is highly regarded.

The Final requirement: earnings. Earnings for Ariix Founders Club Members represents such a large part of their market that it proves their leadership influences the field. You’ve lead so many into Ariix that you have brought about our success, and you are invited to share in the profits. You substantially helped create.

Your call to the Ariix Founders Club is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the direct selling industry. The perfect balance of being a representative, with the privileges of a founder.

A new day has begun in Multi-Level Marketing. And it all culminates at the Ariix Founders Club. We’re saving a seat, for you.

Stephane Page
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Ariix Founders Club

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  1. Hi Stephane! I so enjoyed hearing you speak at convention. I was hoping to meet you in person, but didn’t get a chance to. I am very interested in growing my business through the internet, so I would much appreciate any help or advice. Have a great night!

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