ARIIX Asia Leaders Speech

Ever wondered what it’s like to speak to a group of your teammates with a translator?

Here’s my speech to ARIX Asia Leaders during my recent trip to South Korea…

In the fall of 1997 my wife was pregnant with our 2nd daughter. I owned a snowmobile business with my father and just before the winter, we lost everything. I mean everything. We never had a job. Our bank accounts were closed. Claudia was a few weeks away from giving birth and I didn’t know how I was going to buy food. I was scared.

I remember buying cans and pasta. Calculating how much would cost each sheet on a toilet paper roll.

Maybe some of you have been in a stressful financial situation before. Maybe some of you are currently in a situation like that now. And I’m going to tell you what I did with ARIIX to enjoy life with our young family, travel the world and live a meaningful life helping others.

The first time I heard about MLM, I was fascinated. I couldn’t sleep at night. I imagined all these people multiply and multiply. If I only get 4 and they get 4, and they get 4 and in 12 months I will have 4,000 people in my organization and before you know it, I will have teams all over the world and I will be rich!!

I got started, and was very excited. I recruited family members and none of them did anything. Then that company went out of business. I joined another company and it went out of business too. Some people said “Are you crazy? I can’t believe you’re doing one of those things!”. I would recruit 5 people and 4 would quit. I thought “What’s the problem with them?!!”

This went on for nearly 20 years. I tried to build my business part time while running my snowmobile business. My wife had two jobs and many times I thought this would never work for me.

All my friends were telling me no.

How can all these people make all the money?

Is it me, is it because I am skinny?

And then I had this 1 person who saw the business better than I did and just took off. I just served her. I made sure they had everything.

Then I found another one.

And then another one.

All I had to do is trust the process and keep presenting.

Of course I got better along the way. But as I look back, it all came down to how many people I presented to.

When it clicks, everything changes.

All the best,

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Stephane Page
Canada: 819-321-9385
USA: 310-601-8262
Skype: stephpage

P.S. Watch the story of my journey towards creating passive income and become one of the ARIIX Asia Leaders.

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