You Don't Want to Approach People You Know?

Approach People You KnowI had a conversation recently with a new partner on our team and she faced a challenge many people face when they start in MLM.

Her challenge is “I don’t want to talk to people I know.”

In her words, it was like this…

“I’m afraid they might think I’m wasting my time and dreaming about becoming a millionaire. I’m afraid of losing them, because I love them. And when I make new friends, I’m afraid they may think I’m being friends with them because I want to sell them products…..”

The way to handle this situation is to try to find out what’s going on in your mind and evaluate your true intentions.

Once you know you can help someone and you know how to present to them in a way that will get them to see the value, you become unstopable.

Everytime we start something new, there’s usually a degree of doubt.

It’s normal because we haven’t experienced the success yet.

But that explains why people come back home after a big event with their company and they talk to everyone they know. They heard other people’s success stories and realize that those people have nothing more than they don’t have themselves. The social proof is strong enough to  eliminate most of the doubts. So you get on fire and talk to everyone you know in a very short period of time.

At this stage, what’s important is that you realize your intentions are pure.

If you always have the intention of making someone’s life better, then you’ll never have to feel anxious about helping that person. You should actually feel anxious NOT telling them about it. If you genuinely believe it’s going to help them, then it’s your obligation to tell them.

That’s why friends are important. They add value to our lives.

If I had cancer and you had a solution and never told me about it. The day I’d discover that, I would question our friendship.

Your job is to communicate to them in the most effective manner to help them see how it can truly help them.

And sometimes it means helping them get out of their own way. Meaning, someone will tell you they want to lose weight but then they’ll say they can’t afford it. That’s putting themselves in their own way.

What a real friend will do is help them get over that issue. They’ll help them find ways to make things happen because they care more about their friend losing weight than they do about the money.

Unfortunately we put a lot of emphasis in our lives on what others think of ourselves.

If you stop focusing on YOU and focus on helping the other person, you can’t go wrong.

And that doesn’t mean you have to regurgitate all the benefits of your products or opportunity.

Caring often times means listening.

When your intentions are true and you no longer care about what they think of you but rather listen to your prospect’s needs and desires and try to find solutions with them, you act as a real friend.

Where all the Network Marketing training breaks down is at the communication training. Most other programs I’ve seen out there focus on motivation. They want you to attend events because they know that’ll motivate you to talk to more people and they know that the law of averages always work. So… if they get 1,000 people in a room and they all go back home and talk to people, some will join.

But most get discouraged because they are not skilled in communication and they annoy their friends more than they help.

When you have the right training, you not only get people excited after an event, you also train on communication skills. And that’s what makes your people better and get results.

Just like the example I gave you of caring about your friend and helping them get past their objections. This is why you need to master the “Question/Objection remedy”. When you do, your prospects will see you as someone genuinely interested in them.

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8 thoughts on “You Don't Want to Approach People You Know?”

  1. Many folks are scared to work through their warm market, even though that it’s proven that warm market works. If people don’t believe in themselves enough (or their business) to approach people they know, they are really going to struggle. In addition, it’s much harder to sponsor someone that you do not know than it is to sponsor someone that you do know. Yes, you will have some haters in your warm market, but many of them will also be receptive. Start with your warm market and then branch off from there. Just my two cents.

    Chuck Holmes

    1. As a society, we just too much emphasis on what others think of us.

      That’s until a panicking situation comes up. And in this case, it’s usually too late to do anything.

      Don’t wait. Just learn how to talk with people without being annoying and you’ll actually enjoy the process.

      After all, who do you wnat to enjoy your success with? People you know and care about or strangers.

      Start with people you know, they’re easier to forgive your small mistakes during your presentation than complete strangers.

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